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Shanghai China

12 Reasons Shanghai Became My Favorite City

“You’d better hurry!” said the concierge. We’d just returned to our hotel after a day of sightseeing in Shanghai. We wanted to see the Bund at night, but had just been informed that the lights go out at 10:00 pm. Prompt. With a mere 15 minutes before lights-out, we took a right turn out of our hotel and sprinted down the alley with several blocks to cover to reach the Bund. Not an easy task … [Read More...]

Albanian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera: Affordable, Jaw-Dropping Beauty

When I set off with JayWay Travel to for the southern coast of Albania, my friends were more than a little skeptical. Known for scouring the earth in search of the best beaches, they didn’t see the lure. To be honest, besides it being an off-the-beaten path destination, I wasn’t sure what to expect myself in the Albanian Riviera. What I found on this coastline where the Adriatic and Ionian seas … [Read More...]

12 Things to Do in Bali

12 Things to Do in Bali. The Last One is Unbelievable

It’s on everyone’s bucket list.  Everyone.  And for good reason.  Just whisper the seductive word “Bali” at a party and witness the dreamy, faraway look in the hearer’s eyes.  Bali is more than just a destination.  It’s the epitome of an exotic paradise. An Indonesian island known for lush terraced rice paddies, lively beaches, and cloud-capped volcanic mountains, Bali is also home to some of … [Read More...]


9 Things to Do in Cape Town. The Last One Will Blow You Away

Cape Town, also known as “the Mother City” of South Africa, finds itself on several “places to visit” lists for 2014. And for good reason. It’s an exciting city, with lots of adventures and amusements. Read about all the exciting things to do in Cape Town, South Africa. … [Read More...]

I jumped out of a perfectly good plane!

Girls Get “High” in Hawaii

The small round light turned green, the plane decreased speed to the point of hover (or so it seemed), and the bottom of the garage-like metal door began to creak its slow, ominous rise.  Strapped into my tandem jumpmaster as snuggly as I would allow without dinner and a movie, there was no turning back now. Read Girls Get "High" in Hawaii in Travel Girl Magazine, October 1, 2013 … [Read More...]

geisha kyoto japan

Turning Japanese: My Geisha Makeover

“Stop laughing. You need the right attitude to pull this off,” I said to Rebecca and Marie, head turned away to hide my own smirk. We shuffled our way towards the shrine looming at the end of the cobblestone street, less than a quarter of a mile away. The wooden platform of the Japanese geta on our feet was only several inches, although it felt more like a foot. Check out My Geisha Makeover in … [Read More...]

Pink Jeep Hang Sedona

Sedona’s Pink Jeep Adventure: Not for Prissies

Click here for pdf of Sedona's Pink Jeep Adventure: Not for Prissies Sedona’s Pink Jeep Adventure: Not for Prissies Over the Kitchen Counter -  October 5, 2011 “You simply must go – it’s so…. you,” friends would suggest.  This beach girl would always respond with the same condescendingly sweet smile.  But when I was invited to speak at a national conference in Phoenix, Arizona at the … [Read More...]


Up, Up and Away! Hang Gliding at Kitty Hawk, NC

Having already experienced and loved sky diving, I was interested to try hang gliding to see how they compare. And what better place to try out this unique flying experience than at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, especially in August! There are two ways a novice can hang glide. One is to take a lesson and then strap on a small pair of wings and jump off the dunes; the other is to fly tandem with a … [Read More...]

Costa Rica: The Cure for Boredom

Pristine waterfalls, myriad geysers, natural swimming holes, bubbling mud pots, fumaroles, rejuvenating thermal hot springs, hiking, horseback riding, orchids, bird-watching, a canopy zipline, white-water rafting and a quarter-mile waterslide…a visit to Hacienda Guachipelin in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, is anything but boring. Read Costa Rica: The Cure for Boredom in International Living Magazine, … [Read More...]

diving Curacao

Unplugged and Underwater: Mother and Son Dive in Curacao

These days, it’s nearly impossible for a mother to finds ways to bond with her teenage son that don’t include X-Box, dirt bikes or soccer. Family vacations are a great time to reconnect, but in planning a family trip to Curacao, I had an epiphany. Why not ask my teenage son to join me on a dive? Diving could be a great multi-generational activity. Read about our mother and son scuba diving … [Read More...]

Travel Tips


Travel Makes You Better

For those of us who love to travel, it’s difficult to comprehend why … [Read More...]

TSA underwire bra

Breasts = Lethal Weapons?

Apparently the TSA thinks so. I was on my way from New Hampshire to … [Read More...]

Lazy River tubing, Xel-Ha, Mexico

Fun Family Vacations

  When my kids were growing up, there is nothing I enjoyed more … [Read More...]


10 Tips for a Long Layover

As a frequent traveler, few things annoy me more than the tight layovers, … [Read More...]

luggage 011

The Suitcase Secret

As a travel writer, I'm on the road a lot and have gone through more … [Read More...]


Rosarito Beach Hotel

Rosarito Beach Hotel, Baja California, Mexico

Located just an hour’s drive south of San Diego are the … [Read More...]

Tuscon Westin Hotel

Westin La Paloma, Tucson AZ

Looking for a great place for a girlfriend's getaway?  Try … [Read More...]

Sanibel FL

Casa Ybel, Sanibel, FL

Looking for a great place to kick back and escape that … [Read More...]

Stunning tropical pool view from a ground-floor room at the resort.

CostaBaja, La Paz, Mexico

Located on the azure Sea of Cortez, CostaBaja Resort and Spa … [Read More...]


Sea4Two, Baja Mexico

From its prime location overlooking the crashing aquamarine … [Read More...]