About Luggage and Lipstick

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ADVENTURE TRAVEL FOR BABY BOOM WOMEN (okay, men, you can join us if you wish!)

These days, women lead very busy lives, juggling home, work, hobbies, etc.  All the more reason to let off some steam and have a little fun!

Whether you’re looking for tips on exciting destinations, adrenaline adventures for your bucket list, or simply a brief arm-chair excursion as you sip your first morning coffee, Luggage and Lipstick is your ultimate source for a physical or virtual escape.

Featured in dozens of print and online publications, Luggage and Lipstick takes readers from snorkeling in sun-drench tropical paradises to jumping out of airplanes to riding an Iditarod dogsled through a magical snow-frosted forest – and everything in between.


If you’re looking for tips on where to stay or food to eat (or avoid!), you’ll find that, too.

Read what readers are saying…

“Patti’s articles are so well researched and so well written, they are the “go to” pieces when it comes to travelling to a destination she has already explored and written about. She doesn’t just go somewhere and write about it as an afterthought like a lot of writers. She thoroughly researches everything about every place before she goes and then comes up with the most exciting things anyone can conceive of to do in that particular place. If you want to travel and go to places she has been, then read her articles in order to extract the absolute maximum out of your trip.  You won’t regret it!” ~Doug Stead, California

“So people think with a name like Luggage and Lipstick for a website that it would be geared only to women.  Wrong! I love going on this website and reading about Patti’s adventures. She always provides great insight on places I never even knew existed, from Potato Chip Rock in San Diego to some rural area in Japan. I also like to see what she will do next as she is always living on the edge, trying things I would never even dream of doing, like skydiving or swimming with sharks. It’s exciting to read about the culture, food, and activities for these exciting vacation spots. If you are a traveler like my wife and I, you’ll enjoy reading about Patti’s adventures as much as we do.”  ~Dan Paquette, Rhode Island


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