The Caribbean is made up of hundreds of islands, but the 36 major islands are found on the Greater Antilles on the north and the Lesser Antilles on the south and east including the West Indies grouping, which also includes the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands, as well as the Windward and Leeward groupings.

Aruba Why You’re Guaranteed a Fun-Crammed Vacation in Aruba - by Bonnie Aleman As the four-wheel drive jeep lunges forward along an unpaved road in the Arikok National Park, I have to laugh at my Caribbean experience. Aruba turned out to be a lot more than resort hotels lining white sandy beaches and lazy days lounging by the pool. My trip turned into two weeks […]
Bahamas on a budget Bahamas on a Budget - Have you ever looked at a friend’s Facebook pictures of frolicking fun on exotic islands and wondered how they could afford it? You’re not alone. Taking a tropical vacation with a limited budget is easier than you think.  Carnival’s cruises to the Bahamas out of the cruise ports in Miami, Charleston or Jacksonville are affordable and […]
PR Dona Fela portrait Meet Puerto Rico’s Most Impressive Woman: Doña Fela - Felisa Rincón de Gautier, known affectionately as Doña Felisa or Doña Fela, was the first woman mayor of San Juan and one of the most prominent political figures in the history of Puerto Rico. Born in Ceiba as the oldest of nine siblings, her mother, Rita Marrero Rivera passed away giving birth to Felisa’s little […]
4 St Lucia mud bath Dirty Tricks: Erase Years with St. Lucia Mud - Sometimes getting down and dirty is a good thing. Take my birthday, for instance.  Instead of advancing a year, I decided I’d rather try taking a few years off, using therapeutic mud.  At least that was my goal… well, that and jumping on the opportunity to unleash my inner 5 year-old. Sulfur Springs on St. […]
Note to self: Next time braid hair. The One Thing You Must Do In St. Maarten - Sailing is fun, but racing?  Even better!  And what better place to experience the thrill of speeding through the warm turquoise Caribbean ocean off the island of St. Maarten with the strong trade winds at your back. Read about my St. Maarten adventure as part of the crew of in an America’s Cup regatta in […]
114 foot water slide. Photo by Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Lines 22 Fun Things to Try on Carnival’s Southern Caribbean Cruise - It took me a while to book my first cruise.  I was concerned that I would be “bored on board” or that I wouldn’t have enough time in port.  Having now cruised on three different Carnival ships within the last six months, I needn’t have worried.  Whether traveling with girlfriends, a sweetie, or solo, I […]
Bahamas Bahamian Rhapsody - I didn’t want to do it. Every fiber of my being was screaming, “NO!” The seemingly vertical drop looked bottomless. But I had no choice… after all, I had  a reputation to maintain. I’d already nailed adrenaline stunts like skydiving,  hang gliding, and tons of bad-ass roller coasters with ease. So why was a  “little” […]
Chichi® Curacao Curacao’s Chichi® Dolls: A Collaboration of Art, Entrepreneurism, and Community Service - Not only was my “Chichi®” one of my favorite souvenirs from Curaçao, a Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela, it’s one of my favorite artifacts from all of my world travels. Read about Curacao’s Chichi® dolls in Travel Dreams Magazine, November 21, 2013.   Related posts: The Art of Dog Sledding in Bend, Oregon […]
Wading in crystal clear water 24 Hours on Culebra: Family Fun on the Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret - “It’s invisible water!” exclaimed my 9 year-old son. I could see his point. Standing waist -deep in the crystal surf, the water below him looked more like it came out of a tap than the ocean. That’s what Flamenco Beach on the northwest coast of Culebra is like. Read about Culebra, Puerto Rico in The […]
Curacao Ostrich Farm Curacao Ostrich Farm: This Place is for the Birds! - While Curacao is most well-known for the iconic Dutch architecture of its UNESCO World Heritage downtown, turquoise palm-lined beaches, and world-class diving, there are also opportunities for adventures like… feeding birds. What? Bird-feeding doesn’t sound very exciting, you say? Read about the Curacao Ostrich Farm in Wave Journey, October 5, 2012. Related posts: 15 Reasons […]