11 Winter Activities on Amelia Island, Florida

amelia island florida

A barrier island stretching along the northeast coast of Florida, Amelia Island is the perfect place for a relaxing romantic weekend during the chilly shoulder season. The island, named for Princess Amelia, daughter of George II of Great Britain, has a laid-back vibe, reminiscent of “old … [Read more...]

Chillin’ on a Houseboat in Naples

Naples houseboat

It seems to be on everyone’s bucket list. Just mention the word “houseboat” and you’re sure to evoke romanticized images of a buoyant home floating in some exotic paradise. The marriage of a water-bound “hotel” to a gorgeous tropical setting can be found right here in the United States. I … [Read more...]

The Sauce Boss of St. Augustine

7 Sauce-Boss_chocolate_datil_peppers_

The most provocative portion of the interior of the Hot Shot Bakery is their “Wall of Flame.” The entire premise for the wall came about as an accident. Stoppelbein dipped some of the datils in chocolate as a garnish for a birthday cake for someone she knew. The next day, party attendees came to the … [Read more...]

Three Hands Fish: Hands Down, The Keys’ Best Seafood

Three Hands Fish: Hands Down, the Keys’ Best Seafood Resource

“Cooking with my grandmother was my alibi,” said Paul Menta. Curly-haired, charismatic, with an easy smile and sporting his beloved Liberty Bell tattoo, Paul is one third of the dynamic trio behind Key West’s runaway concept Three Hands Fish. Read why Three Hands Fish is taking Key West by storm … [Read more...]

Jacksonville Beach: When You Just Want to Chill

Jacksonville Beach - when you just want to chill

I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy.  So when I decided to take a “chill weekend” to recharge, I decided to try someplace new:  Jacksonville Beach – a relatively small beach community on Florida’s northeast coast.   And we were not disappointed. The Hotel Hands down, the best place to stay … [Read more...]

Best Ever Resorts for Baby Boomers in the Keys

Best ever resorts for baby boomers in the Keys

Overflowing with its own blend of bohemian-tropical charm, the Florida Keys are one of the few U.S. destinations that wield a magnetic appeal on the Baby Boomer generation. The Florida Keys is a string of small islands floating in an ideal seaside location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf … [Read more...]

Beyond Disney: Take Your Kids to the Florida Keys

Best ever resorts for baby boomers in the Keys

Sure, we all love the Disney and Universal theme parks in Orlando, but there’s a world of fun just south of Orlando – a string of small islands in the southern tip of Florida known as the Keys. Read why you should take your kids to the Florida Keys in The Momiverse. … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Visit St. Augustine in November

1 St-Augustine-collage1_patti-morrow_luggageandlipstick.com

Proudly laying claim as America’s oldest city, the historical and charming St. Augustine was founded in in 1565 and is also considered by many to be America’s most romantic destination. The brick-lined streets are reminiscent of the old town districts of European cities. Horse-drawn carriages carry … [Read more...]

10 Photos that Prove the Florida Keys is the #1 U.S. Destination

1 Key-Largo-sunset_patti-morrow_luggageandlipstick.com_2525

1. The Famous Sunsets The sunsets on the Florida Keys are legendary for their explosion of colors. Two of the best spots to catch them are at the pier at the Bayside Grille (pictured above) in Key Largo and on Mallory Square dock in Key West. An upscale and intimate way to see a great sunset is … [Read more...]

Panama City Beach Helicopter: 3 Girls, 1 Bird

1_Girls in the belly of the beast

I can say hands-down that the very best thing I did on my Panama City Beach girlfriend getaway was fly with the girls. And by girls, I don’t mean just me and the other female passenger, Donna. Our “bird” was a Robinson R44 Clipper II, a very popular 4-seater helicopter used by many smaller … [Read more...]

Solo Road Trip: Ten Best Stops on the Gulf Emerald Coast

The Emerald Coast of the Gulf of Mexico

I moved from New England to South Carolina a few years ago to escape the snow. Like many other parts of the country, it was an unseasonably cold winter, even in the South. So when we got that half-inch of snow in February, I jumped in my car and headed even further south! Emerald Coast … [Read more...]

Casa Ybel, Sanibel, FL

Sanibel FL

Looking for a great place to kick back and escape that icky-yicky not-quite-winter, not-quite-spring time of year?  Try Casa Ybel on beautiful Sanibel Island. Located off the southwestern coast of Florida, the Casa is an all-suite beachfront hotel in southern plantation style with updated, … [Read more...]