Central America

Central America offers seven countries for travel.  Each of these countries has its own culture, stunning natural scenery, beaches, food specialties, and active pursuits.

Temple I -- the most recognized of the Tikal meetropolis Tikal: Most Majestic of the Mayans Ruins - I love exploring ancient civilizations. It takes a lot to impress me. I’ve seen the Aztec pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico City; I’ve seen the Egyptian pyramids at Giza and the ruins of Karnak and Luxor; I’ve seen the Athens Acropolis, Roman Colosseum and Stonehenge in England; I’ve seen numerous Mexican Mayan ruins, including Chichen […]
Good morning, Panama Canal! Happy 100th Anniversary, Panama Canal! - The Panama Canal is considered by many to be the greatest engineering feat of the last century and perfect example of human initiative and courage.   So what better time to explore this technological wonder than during the year of its 100th Anniversary? The project took ten years to finish and cost a great deal in […]
Cave tubing in Belize Taking the Plunge: Cave Tubing in Belize - Grab your tube and water shoes and get ready for a true wet ’n’ wild adventure — a journey that starts with a mostly uphill jungle trek hauling your own professional-grade inflatable tube and includes fording a portion of the beautiful, green Caves Branch River. Continue reading about this cave tubing adventure in Belize in […]
Lola's Costa Rica Costa Rica’s Hidden Beach - Just six miles south of the popular tourist beach town of Tamarindo in Costa Rica, is a pristine beach loved by locals…and the tourists who can find it. Playa Avellanas is an oasis at the end of a long warren of dusty, bumpy dirt roads. There are no souvenir shops here, no high-rise hotels, not […]
Diving in Belize Belize: Best for Diving - The graceful beauty of stingrays, multi-colored tropical fish, swaying sea grass, dawdling giant sea turtles…and yes, even the sand-papery skin of nurse sharks…are all part of the dive experience of Belize. I’m a novice, or what is commonly known as a “resort diver.” No certification, but after taking a short 45-minute course I’m good to […]
http://internationalliving.com/2011/07/costa-rica-the-cure-for-boredom/ Costa Rica: The Cure for Boredom - Pristine waterfalls, myriad geysers, natural swimming holes, bubbling mud pots, fumaroles, rejuvenating thermal hot springs, hiking, horseback riding, orchids, bird-watching, a canopy zipline, white-water rafting and a quarter-mile waterslide…a visit to Hacienda Guachipelin in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, is anything but boring. Read Costa Rica: The Cure for Boredom in International Living Magazine, Published July 26, […]