Chicks Cruisin’


One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about my first [solo] cruise experience has been meeting other traveling women adventurers.

At breakfast on our first day at sea, Debbie and Kim introduced themselves to me and asked me to join them.  What fun ladies they were!  Hailing from just outside Dallas, these two vivacious ladies have known each other forever, ride their motorcycles together, go to the same church, scuba dive together, and lots of other things as well.

As fate would have it, with 3087 people on the cruise, we were all assigned to the same table for the 8 p.m. dinner seating every day!  I believe we kept our Balinese waiter, Yudi (aka “You Di Man”) entertained.

ChicksCruisin3At our first port stop, on the beach in Progresso, Mexico, I met Sally (left) and Toni (facing back), from the Houston area.  Since I was traveling without my photographer on this trip, they were amused at my antics (and mishaps!) as I tried to use a tripod and my camera’s timer to take photos and videos I would need to submit my articles to various magazines.

Instead of feeling like a dork, their cheering, laughing, and encouragement spurred me on!  I met up with them a few other times back on board the ship, and they always offered a kind word.

The best thing about girlfriends is… you can never have too many!

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