I stayed away from cruises until October of 2013.  I thought I wouldn’t like being able to spend only one day at each destination.  I was wrong! I love cruising… you just have to look at it as a different way of traveling.  Whether you’re traveling with your sweetie, family, girls’ getaway, or solo, a cruise is one of the most fun ways to experience adventure travel.

small ship Alaska 15 Reasons to Take a Small Ship Cruise in Alaska. The Last One is Life Changing. - “Oh, come on…let’s do it!” pleaded Alison, my travel buddy and co-founder of Boomer Travel Media. “Alaska is at the top of my bucket list.” I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical. For one thing, I’m more of a “tropical adventure” kind of girl vs. a “glacial eco-nature” type. But perhaps more importantly, I knew […]
Alaska's Wild Coast Responsible Observation of Wild Bears in Alaska - Observing bears in their natural habitat in Alaska is a privilege and life-long memorable experience. While there are always risks with wild animals, these can be mitigated greatly if you follow well-established guidelines. On August 10th, I had the opportunity to travel with AdventureSmith Explorations on the historic ship Westward to view brown bears, also known under […]
Bahamas on a budget Bahamas on a Budget - Have you ever looked at a friend’s Facebook pictures of frolicking fun on exotic islands and wondered how they could afford it? You’re not alone. Taking a tropical vacation with a limited budget is easier than you think.  Carnival’s cruises to the Bahamas out of the cruise ports in Miami, Charleston or Jacksonville are affordable and […]
11 reasons to do a back-to-back cruise in 2016 11 Reasons to Do a Back-to-Back Cruise in 2016 - I’d really never considered a back-to-back cruise, i.e. combining two cruises on the same ship, until a friend suggested it.  I was in the process of booking a cruise to the Caribbean out of the port of Miami – one of Carnival’s shorter five-day cruises which would visit Grand Cayman and Jamaica.  After returning to port, […]
1 4 Dalmatian Islands that Make Croatia the Best Girls’ Getaway - Sometimes your journeys transform in unexpected ways. That’s how my cruise on the Dalmatian Islands turned out. What began as a solo adventure turned into a sensational island hopping adventure, gathering up other women from other countries, and forming what became a girls’ getaway escapade. The Dalmatian Islands – undiscovered by most American tourists, are […]
The Island of Brac, one of Croatia's Dalmatian Islands. It’s Here! Your Guide to the Dramatic Dalmatian Islands! - They sit shimmering in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia, mostly unknown to American tourists. Island hopping around these undiscovered gems onboard a small ship cruise is discovering paradise, over and over again. Bustling marinas, medieval town squares, sapphire and turquoise beaches, boutique hotels, al fresco dining, and chic bars are all part […]
Good morning, Panama Canal! Happy 100th Anniversary, Panama Canal! - The Panama Canal is considered by many to be the greatest engineering feat of the last century and perfect example of human initiative and courage.   So what better time to explore this technological wonder than during the year of its 100th Anniversary? The project took ten years to finish and cost a great deal in […]
4 St Lucia mud bath Dirty Tricks: Erase Years with St. Lucia Mud - Sometimes getting down and dirty is a good thing. Take my birthday, for instance.  Instead of advancing a year, I decided I’d rather try taking a few years off, using therapeutic mud.  At least that was my goal… well, that and jumping on the opportunity to unleash my inner 5 year-old. Sulfur Springs on St. […]
Note to self: Next time braid hair. The One Thing You Must Do In St. Maarten - Sailing is fun, but racing?  Even better!  And what better place to experience the thrill of speeding through the warm turquoise Caribbean ocean off the island of St. Maarten with the strong trade winds at your back. Read about my St. Maarten adventure as part of the crew of in an America’s Cup regatta in […]
114 foot water slide. Photo by Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Lines 22 Fun Things to Try on Carnival’s Southern Caribbean Cruise - It took me a while to book my first cruise.  I was concerned that I would be “bored on board” or that I wouldn’t have enough time in port.  Having now cruised on three different Carnival ships within the last six months, I needn’t have worried.  Whether traveling with girlfriends, a sweetie, or solo, I […]