whales Azores Responsible Whale and Dolphin Watching in the Azores - The Azores is one of the best places in the world for whale watching, with a strong cultural connection to whales. While there are some 25 species of whales in the archipelago, the mammoth sperm whale – forever immortalized as “Moby Dick” – is the most common. We chose to go out to find whales […]
Terceira Azores Best Ever Guide to Terceira Island, Azores - Our overnight flight landed us in Terceira, Azores just after sunrise. Expecting to be driven to our hotel for a short nap, we were surprised when Paulo, our guide suggested that we take advantage of the clear spring morning and start our tour. “Yes!” I said, garnering a glare from Alison, my travel companion. “Just for […]
Azores The Amazing Azores: 13 Reasons to Pack Your Bags Now - Whenever I bring up the Azores in a conversation, most Americans say, “Hmmmm, I’ve heard of it, but where is it exactly?” The Azores is actually an archipelago (cluster) of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the northern Atlantic Ocean, 850 miles west of Portugal and 2,561 miles east of New York City. They […]