Eat This

One of the best perks of traveling around the world is the chance to sample delectable treats, local (aka unique) cuisine, and occasionally indigenous fare that triggers the gag reflex just looking at it.  Here are some of my favorite eating experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Ostrich burger, Curacao

Ostrich burger, Curacao

While at the Ostrich Farm in Curacao, I tried an ostrich burger.  Actually very good, tasting much like beef, but leaner and a bit saltier.

For more details about the ostrich farm, see my article “This Place is for the Birds!”


Boston cannoli challenge, Boston MA

Boston cannoli challenge, Boston MA

Mike’s vs. Modern — a decades-old rivalry in Boston’s historic North End, aka Little Italy.

To read the winner of the blindfold challenge, see my article “The Great Boston Cannoli Challenge.”

Octopus on the malecon

Octopus on the malecon



My octopus lunch on the malecon in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

It actually tasted a lot better than it looks!



Fresh mango in Thailand


The floating market in Bangkok, Thailand is the perfect place to try all sorts of spicy or sweet Thai food; the local, fresh fruit will amaze  your senses — sight, smell, touch, and most of all taste. The fresh mango was drippingly delicious!


The kiddies love Coney Island wieners!


While in NYC, make sure your kids get a taste of the ubiquitous Coney Island wieners!

You can find them in a lot of places throughout the city, including Battery Park near the Lady Liberty.



NYC 051

New York cheesecake

After the theater or shopping, enjoy eye-popping, mile high New York cheesecake.

I ate the whole thing.

Glad I had my lactaid pills with me.  (I know, I know, TMI!)







Chocolate clams in La Paz, Mexico

“Chocolate” clams.  Silly me, I thought they would be covered in chocolate, not named for their shells.  Squirt lime on them to make sure they move before eating them alive.  No thank you… I stabbed mine, faux pas or not.


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