Girlfriend Getaways

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Whether traveling with friends or on a mother/daughter getaway, a journey with your peeps can be a restful, thrilling, or soul restoring experience.  Regardless of the type of getaway you’re seeking, just taking some time to get away from the hustle-and-bustle (or maybe even the ho-hum) of everyday life, a jolly jaunt with “the girls” can be just what you need to put a little zip in your step.

The options are limitless.  The opportunities plentiful.  The memories will be precious.

Relaxing. Wild. Silly.  Thrill-seeking.  Or a combination.

Your getaway, your agenda.

Girlfriend getaways can involve myriad of activities… shopping, bachelorette parties, Mexican beaches, spas/luxury, adrenaline adventures, partying in Vegas, hiking in Sedona, jet skiing, swimming with dolphins, touring mansions, kayaking, mud baths, or chocolate-tasting.

Here are just a few Girlfriend Getaways to consider:NYC 034

Shop ‘til you drop.  Whether shopping for high fashion in New York City, bargaining for crafts on a Caribbean beach, purchasing exotic food from a Thai floating market, or even an excursion to outfit a daughter with back-to-school outfits, shopping is always a terrific way to start a getaway and can easily be combined with other pursuits.

Theaters/Museums.  A weekend in Boston, Chicago, New York, Vegas and Los Angeles should always include taking in the latest musical.  Most large cities host permanent and traveling exhibits for every artistic taste, especially in the United States and Europe.

Spas.  Massage and pampering.  Need I say more?  How about a mud bath followed by a rinsing in a natural thermal hot spring?

Water Sports.  Snorkeling, jet skiing, swimming with dolphins, and even a banana boat ride (never again!); eco parks also provide fun activities like lazy river tubing, jumping off cliffs, swimming in (frigid) sink holes, etc.

Adrenaline adventures. Theme parks can provide a year’s quota of screams.  Zip lines are the perfect way to get a bird’s eye view.  Feeling brave?  How about sky diving or hang gliding?

blog_video_GeishaAthletics.  Tennis anyone?  Cross-country skiing, hiking, and horseback riding.

Sightseeing.  I love visiting historical and archeological sites and have dragged many a friend who ended up really enjoying it.

Life’s a Beach.  My favorite getaway with the girls.  I never tire of the fun photo ops on a sun-drenched beach near the equator or a fall weekend at a Maine beach escape.

Local or indigenous.  Be open to unique experience available only at the destination you are visiting!

Stilettos or sneakers, a week or just a day, find some time to refresh your spirit with a favorite friend.

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