Traveling with Kids


Alaska Alaska: Disconnect. Explore. Learn. Eat. Repeat - “You have to disconnect, there is no choice,” said Lucila. “That was one of my favorite things about this adventure cruise.” Lucila Lancaster, her husband Girish Nair and their two children Isabel (Izzy) 21, a senior at John Hopkins University studying neuroscience, and Sam, a 6’1” water polo playing 16-year-old, were planning their yearly family […]
Best ever resorts for baby boomers in the Keys Beyond Disney: Take Your Kids to the Florida Keys - Sure, we all love the Disney and Universal theme parks in Orlando, but there’s a world of fun just south of Orlando – a string of small islands in the southern tip of Florida known as the Keys. Read why you should take your kids to the Florida Keys in The Momiverse. Related posts: 10 Photos […]
puerto-vallarta-collage_patti-morrow_luggage-and-lipstick 10 Reasons to Take Your Family to Puerto Vallarta - Who wouldn’t want to take their kids to a destination named “World’s Friendliest City” by Conde Nast Traveler and “Best Holiday Destination in Mexico” by Nestled between the emerald green of the Pacific and the looming Sierra Madre Mountains is Puerto Vallarta, seducing visitors with its colorful culture, friendly locals, and tropical appeal. In addition […]
Kemah Boardwak Houston TX Five Family-Friendly Attractions in Houston, TX - I must admit, I was a bit surprised. I’d never thought of Houston as a place for a family getaway. My first visit changed my opinion of the largest city in Texas due to the variety of attractions and activities to please every member of the family. Here are some of the best things to do for […]
Billy Villarreal, Julie Carter, and their kids Carter and Lily Exploring the Yucatán with Kids - When it comes to finding a family friendly vacation spot that offers perfect weather, vibrant colonial cities, calm crystal-water beaches, important and fun cultural sites, and delicious local cuisine, few places can beat the Yucatán state of Mexico. Read about exploring the Yucatan with kids in the March issue of The Momiverse. Related posts: Exploring Mexico’s […]
culebra puerto rico caribbean 24 Hours on Culebra: Family Fun on the Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret -   “It’s invisible water!” exclaimed my 9 year-old son. I could see his point. Standing waist -deep in the crystal surf, the water below him looked more like it came out of a tap than the ocean. That’s what Flamenco Beach on the northwest coast of Culebra is like. Hailed in tourist brochures as one […]
Cancun beach bed When a beach lounge chair just isn’t comfy enough… - Sometimes getting older is a good thing.  For example, gone are the days of spreading a beach towel into the hard sand, digging holes in strategic places. Now that I’m older and have more expendable income, I prefer more comfort.  In fact, I prefer FULL comfort. Some upscale resorts, especially in Mexico and the Caribbean, […]
barbados_patti-morrow_luggage-and-lipstick (2) Kid-Friendly Barbados - Instead of staying at our usual venue of a hotel with amenities, we chose to stay at the New Haven Mansion —  a U-shaped collection of Spanish style apartments with lush gardens, overlooking a courtyard with pool.  Although the decor was a little bit tired, our very reasonably priced 2-bedroom apartment had a kitchen and […]
diving Curacao Unplugged and Underwater: Mother and Son Dive in Curacao - These days, it’s nearly impossible for a mother to finds ways to bond with her teenage son that don’t include X-Box, dirt bikes or soccer. Family vacations are a great time to reconnect, but in planning a family trip to Curacao, I had an epiphany. Why not ask my teenage son to join me on […]