12 Quirky Things to Do in Prague

quirky Prague

Arguably the most beautiful city in Europe – certainly at least an equal with Paris – Prague is a labyrinth of cobblestone streets, picturesque town squares, secluded courtyards, castles, towers, and jaw-dropping views. A place where even a non-beer drinker like me has to acknowledge that here is the best brew in the world.

Prague escaped World War II with minimal damage to its historic buildings, making the city’s architecture some of the world’s most pristinely preserved, including exquisite examples of Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Neo-Classical and über modern.

Ranked sixth in the TripAdvisor list of best destinations in the world, Prague’s iconic sights should certainly be explored. But the fun doesn’t stop there…Prague is also host to some unusual activities that should be not be missed.

1. Visit the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments

quirky Prague

Located in the arcade next to Charles Bridge, the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments will be of interest to those who are fascinated with the history of macabre and gruesome infliction of pain. Three floors include familiar instruments like the Iron Maiden and the Rack, as well as numerous other ingenious ways designed to exsanguinate, garrote, tear limbs, or for the lucky ones just inflict public shame.

2. Party at the Dancing House

quirky Prague

Photo ©Panoramas

Designed by my favorite architect, Frank Gehry, in collaboration with Vlado Milunić, the Dancing House, as it is known, is considered noveau baroque architecture, but it reminds me more of the deconstruction style of Gehry’s “Building 32” on the campus of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The fluid curves of the Dancing House give the illusion of a couple dancing… well, maybe after an amount of absinthe. The best time to photograph the exterior is at twilight, then go to the top floor for a drink on the rooftop with panoramic views of Prague Castle.

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  1. If you visit Prague, its worth exploring the local historical architecture.
    For me walking through the streets of historical Prague, is like walking a gallery of all major European architectural styles, spanning a thousand years of architectural history in enchanting colors and shapes and, it is interesting to discover how these splendid buildings shaped the history of the Czech Republic and in contrast, how history shaped the designs of many of these buildings and what they came to symbolize in an historical context.

    In the historical center of Prague you can walk past the Municipal House, the Art Nouveau jewel of Prague, that is covered in floral motives, guilded wroth iron curved around beautifully shaded stain glass.

    And continue through the Gothic and neo-Gothic styled powder tower going to the Celetna street , covered with Baroque palaces with Gothic interiors and Renaissance courts yards. On the way you encounter the unique Cubist house at the Black Madonna with its straight angular lines, then continues on to the medieval Ungelt compound with its Renaissance palace , past the heavily Baroque St, James Church and into the Old town Square with its legendary Astronomical clock. Which is followed by the Art Nouveau Jewish Quarters with its ancient synagogues.

    • luggageandlipstick says:

      Yes, I agree and I did all of that. But a lot has already been written about it — I wanted to write about things to do and see in addition to the iconic sights, not in place of. :)

      • quando.sumus says:

        Actually, it’s a cool article. It shows everything you need to see here, and it’s a good HuffPost level. :)
        Probably you should mention, that Prague became one of the biggest centres of s.c. escape games – you can have a look at it here – http://www.questerland.cz/en/, just to know, what it is. If you look up on Tripadvisor, you’ll find a standalone section for them. A friend of mine came here just to try all of them out in 2 days. :)

    • quando.sumus says:

      True that.
      One of the best recommendation: don’t look only under your feet or straight forward.
      There’s lotsa interesting things above (I mean facades).

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