Rosarito Beach Hotel, Baja California, Mexico

Rosarito FB3Located just an hour’s drive south of San Diego are the white sandy beaches of Rosarito, a friendly and laid-back beach town.  Quiet, nonviolent Rosarito has suffered unfairly from the reputation of mainland Mexico’s troubled border cities and from the decline in the U.S. economy and is jut beginning to hit the radar of American and Canadian tourists because of the bargains to be found in this quaint seaside town.

In Rosarito, there simply is no better place to stay than the historic and charming Rosarito Beach Hotel.  This reasonably priced gem is in a class all its own.  Upon entering the foyer, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a magical world of days gone by.  This resort was mad popular mid-century as a retreat that catered to Mexican presidents, international royalty, and Hollywood stars, and the little beach town grew around it.  Most rooms have an ocean view, and you’ll find great dining at the in-house restaurant Azteca, as well as a lounge, a Mexican floor show, and spa on the property.

Pier_Credit_RosaritoBeachHotelActivities in Rosarito Beach include walking along the quarter-mile pier, world-class surfing, stand up paddle boarding, horseback riding on the beach or a variety of shopping venues including arts and craft galleries along Popotla Boulevard and the open air markets of Mercado de Artesanias where you can bargain for locally made pottery, souvenirs and jewelry.  There is a local theatre guild and events like blues festivals are often booked on the beach.

The beautiful Rosarito Beach Hotel is accessible and affordable – a great choice for visitors in the northern portion of Baja California in Mexico.

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