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Zabriskie Point, Death Valley After the Crash: Celebrating Life in Death Valley - It had been four months since my near-death experience.  Flying cross-country was challenge enough – I really was not aware of the obstacles that lay ahead. Death Valley, California.  The lowest place in the United States with the highest recorded temperature (134°F in 1913) in the world.  I wanted to celebrate the fact that I […]
Snowshoeing in Bend, OR Snowshoeing: Blueprint for Beginners in Bend, Oregon - “I am not running down that cliff!” I shouted down to Jeff my snowshoe guide, as I emerged out of the Deschutes National Forest onto the top of the awfully big… snowdrift. Unbidden, visions of my flailing body tumbling headlong downhill until the inevitable face-plant brake in the snow flashed through my mind. I could […]
Dogsled Bend OR The Art of Dog Sledding in Bend, Oregon - The first dog started yelping, barking and jumping wildly on his hind legs, instigating the others to join in the commotion. “They’re really excited,” grinned Jerry Scdoris, sled dog trainer and racer.  “This cold, clear weather is exactly what they like, and they can’t wait to run!” I was excited, too. Read about my Iditarod […]
Taking a break from the snowshoeing to make a snow angel... and catch my breath. Cheat Sheet to the Best of Bend - At the conclusion of a recent business trip to Portland, Oregon, I decided to extend my visit to the Pacific Northwest with a trip to Bend, in the central part of the state.  I was intrigued by all the research I had done which seemed to support the claim that Bend is the “outdoor playground […]
Hmmm... this throttle thing was a blast!  Now I know what the attraction to motorcycles is... On her own in Bend and loving it - Bend, Oregon, dubbed the “outdoor playground of the West,” is the perfect destination for women traveling solo.  With outdoor pursuits like dogsledding and snowshoeing, to touring microbreweries, and boutique hotels with staff that cannot do enough for you, the friendliness of the residents is second to none. Read more about how a woman can travel […]
SnowShoe_BendOR Why Haven’t You Been to Bend? - The city of Bend, in central Oregon, often called “the outdoor playground of the west,” is renowned for its summer pursuits like camping, hiking the mountains and buttes, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding on the lakes, and the myriad dog parks.  But Bend also offers a full palette of adventures and pastimes for winter fun. […]
Potato Chip Rock How to Conquer San Diego’s Potato Chip Rock - “Hiking is NOT one of my superpowers,” I said to my three companions. But it was too late to turn back; we were more than halfway there. Read about our efforts to take command of Potato Chip Rock near San Diego, published by Trekity, January 20, 2013 Check out the hilarious video of our escapades […]
ice cream Venice Beach Sometimes, you just need a little ice cream - I was recently on assignment, recording a video in Venice Beach, California for the American Writers and Artists, Inc. The recording was about the perks I receive as a travel writer just by wearing my press badge. Read more about my Venice Beach ice cream extravaganza at CNN iReport, October 6, 2013 Related posts: Baja Studios […]
Redwoods CA Weekend Roadtrip in Northern California -   ….and then it hit me. I’d never been to northern California, just a few hours’ drive from Sacramento. So I did my due diligence and created an itinerary for a long weekend on the northern California coast. Read about my adventure in Northern California in The Travel Writer’s Life, April 3, 2013 Related posts: […]
Balboa Park CA Take a Two-Nation Vacation - During tight economic times, vacationers are looking for ways to pack the most punch into their vacation. Unfortunately for many, travel abroad seems out of reach. However, with some careful planning, there’s a way to combine two top-notch destinations for nearly the cost of one: San Diego, California and Rosarito, Mexico. Read Take a Two-Nation […]