I wish you could all be with me, traveling around the world, having the time of my life!  But here’s the next best thing…. I’ve recorded some videos of my adventures, guaranteed to make you laugh, sigh, or shake your head in disbelief!



lr9tSista Cruise: Look Out Bahamas!

Best girlfriend getaway ever!  Celebrating my sister, Aimee’s 40th birthday — had a TON of fun.  Oh, the laughs.  Did I mention what happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas? :)

Click here for Patti Morrow’s Bahama adventure!


PotatoChipRock 254 Potato Chip Rock:  Patti & The Dojo Girls

The hike to the top of Mt. Woodson was difficult — 3.5 hours uphill in the sun.  But at the summit, WOW, did we ever have fun!  Check out the props we brought!  My motto: Above all, life should be fun!

Click here to watch Patti Morrow’s hilarious adventure on Potato Chip Rock!


Hang_gliding_sideHang Gliding with Patti

What an incredibly peaceful feeling!  Gliding along, letting the wind take you away, learning to work with the wind and weight to steer, and the fun “rollercoaster” maneuver.  Such a blast…. can’t wait to do it again!

Click here to hang glide with Patti Morrow!

SC Fair 008

My NASCAR Debut!

Petal to the Metal!  Zipping around this South Carolina racetrack at breakneck speed was a blast…. literally!

Click here to race with Patti Morrow!



#1 Sharks_Patti MorrowDo I dare swim with sharks in Bora Bora?

Adrenaline excursion swimming with stingrays, feeding reef sharks, encountering  a moray eel and playing with a baby octopus on the world’s most beautiful island.

Click here to watch Patti Morrow swim with sharks in Bora Bora!


blog_video_GeishaTurning Japanese

This amazing 3-hour Geisha makeover at Gion Kanikanakuni in Kyoto was the highlight of our entire trip throughout Japan (Narita, Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto).  Had a blast with my friends Rebecca and Marie!

Thank you to Hiroyuki (Eddie) Tatsumi, MD and Tomoco San and Takaio San for your help!

Click here to see Patti Morrow channel her inner geisha!

Patti_SkydiveAdrenaline Rush in Hawaii!

Yeah baby!!! Pure adrenaline!! My first jump at 14,000+ feet (the highest you can jump without oxygen).  One full minute of free-falling natural high before the shoot deployed.  Guy, Marcello, and Breen at Pacific Skydiving, Dillingham Airfield, Oahu, Hawaii were amazing!

Click here to skydive with Patti Morrow over Oahu!


Ensenada-D 196Beware the Blowhole!

Hear the squeals of the little Mexican children as La Bufadora in Ensenada Mexico, the second largest blowhole in the world, with sprays up to 80+ feet.  A must-see natural landmark in Baja.

Click here to see Patti Morrow survive La Bufadora!