Winter Sports

Dogsled Bend OR The Art of Dog Sledding in Bend, Oregon - The first dog started yelping, barking and jumping wildly on his hind legs, instigating the others to join in the commotion. “They’re really excited,” grinned Jerry Scdoris, sled dog trainer and racer.  “This cold, clear weather is exactly what they like, and they can’t wait to run!” I was excited, too. Read about my Iditarod […]
Hmmm... this throttle thing was a blast!  Now I know what the attraction to motorcycles is... On her own in Bend and loving it - Bend, Oregon, dubbed the “outdoor playground of the West,” is the perfect destination for women traveling solo.  With outdoor pursuits like dogsledding and snowshoeing, to touring microbreweries, and boutique hotels with staff that cannot do enough for you, the friendliness of the residents is second to none. Read more about how a woman can travel […]