Patti Morrow, Luggage and Lipstick

“We had the pleasure of working with Patti on an Alaska small ship cruise from our client AdventureSmith Explorations. From the get-go we found her to possess the high level of energy, enthusiasm and professionalism we hope for when entering into a press trip relationship. And the results so far have been off the charts!  She is a great storyteller.”


“Meeting and working with Patti Morrow, journalist and photographer, has been a delight this year. She has visited three of my client destinations, hotels and bed & breakfasts. Not only is Patti a very professional positive person but she completes her stories in the most timely manner. She has a unique writing style that pairs beautifully with her photos and we all look forward to meeting her again in the coming years.”

~Leigh Cort, Publicist (St. Simons Island, St. Augustine, Jacksonville) and Founder of the Women’s Food Alliance

“I have worked with scores of travel writers over the past decade, and I consider Patti Morrow among the best. She is a consummate professional, an excellent writer and extremely prolific — not to mention just a very nice person. She has shown great versatility in dealing with a range of subjects, from real estate to the film industry to food. Ms. Morrow is a credit to her profession and we hope she continues her interest in writing about Rosarito Beach and Baja.”

~ Ron Raposa, Public Relations Consultant, Rosarito Beach Hotel & Spa

Here’s what TOUR OPERATORS are saying:

“Patti was a delight to work with, from our initial contact right through to presenting the final campaign kit. She was great fun to have on the trip itself and we’re very pleased with the exposure that she has given to Albania and Macedonia, two of our newest destinations. As a brand we can try and tell our audience how great somewhere is, and for our biggest fans, that’s enough, but for the majority it’s not until we can show them an article by someone with Patti’s skills to both write about the experience and accompany that with excellent photographs, that people are truly convinced.”

~Charles  Neville, JayWay Travel

Here’s what EDITORS/PUBLISHERS are saying:

“Patti is a wonderful writer who does a great job really telling the story of a place. Instead of the typical roundups, she focuses on bringing immersive experiences to life. We’re so happy to have her on our team here at Epicure & Culture!”

~Jessica Fester, Editor EPICURE & CULTURE

“I worked with Patti Morrow on many writing assignments. She always delivered content well before the deadline and went above and beyond with what I asked for. She created a handful of videos for me for a live online series about travel writing, and she chose great locations and great content for the videos. All of the photos were great too. Patti is very organized and it made working with her very easy. Can’t wait to work together again soon!”

~ Christina Merchant, Product Manager, Great Escape Publishing

“Thanks Patti!!  As always, you’re a gem to work with.  Your story is so inspirational; I could see attendees on the edge of their seat.  I appreciate how open, warm and approachable you are at our events and I’d love to have you back as a speaker at our annual conference next year.”

~ Lori Allen, Director, American Writers & Artists, Inc.

“Patti Morrow lives life boldly and truly believes that life should be fun. As a travel writer and founder of Luggage and Lipstick, Patti inspires others to move outside their comfort zone and discover the rejuvenating power of traveling.”

~Viv Chapleo, Editor WAVEJourney

Here’s what READERS are saying:

“So people think with a name like Luggage and Lipstick for a website that it would be geared only to women.  Wrong! I love going on this website and reading about Patti’s adventures. She always provides great insight on places I never even knew existed, from Potato Chip Rock in San Diego to some rural area in Japan. I also like to see what she will do next as she is always living on the edge, trying things I would never even dream of doing, like skydiving or swimming with sharks. It’s exciting to read about the culture, food, and activities for these exciting vacation spots. If you are a traveler like my wife and I, you’ll enjoy reading about Patti’s adventures as much as we do.”

~Dan Paquette, Rhode Island

“Patti’s articles are so well researched and so well written, they are the “go to” pieces when it comes to travelling to a destination she has already explored and written about. She doesn’t just go somewhere and write about it as an afterthought like a lot of writers. She thoroughly researches everything about every place before she goes and then comes up with the most exciting things anyone can conceive of to do in that particular place. If you want to travel and go to places she has been, then read her articles in order to extract the absolute maximum out of your trip.  You won’t regret it!”

~Doug Stead, California


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