Bohamian Rhapsody: Bahama Cruise from Charleston

March 14, 2014

bahama cruise girls getaway

I didn’t want to do it. Every fiber of my being was screaming, “NO!” The seemingly vertical drop looked bottomless. But I had no choice… after all, I had a reputation to maintain. I’d already nailed adrenaline stunts like skydiving,  hang gliding, and tons of bad-ass roller coasters with ease. So why was a  “little” waterslide giving me such heartburn?

It all started with persuading my sister Aimee that we needed to celebrate her 40th birthday on a Carnival Fantasy four-day Bahama cruise from Charleston.

“Can you get arrested on a ship?” she asked.

“That’s a very good question,” I replied, wondering what she had in mind.

“Don’t worry, I have your back,” she said.  Wh-what? Me?

bahama cruise girls getaway

If our day at sea in transit to the islands was an indication of what the rest of the trip would be like, I was in for a heck of a time.  To Aimee, a stranger is just a friend she hasn’t met yet.  By nightfall, we had an entourage of “new friends,” following us around as the so-called boring day at sea melted into a very enjoyable day and night with lots of laughs and way too much food.

As we emerged from our stateroom the next morning, New Providence Island beckoned beyond the pier.  Having been to Nassau before, we opted to head straight out to Paradise Island to find Cabbage Beach, which has been on my Bucket List since 2013 when CNN Travel listed it as #6 of the world’s 100 most beautiful beaches.


I was not disappointed.  I spread my towel and gazed lovingly out at the iridescent aqua water while Aimee scouted for shells.  Heaven.  Pure heaven.  I could have stayed all day.  But we had plans…

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  1. Comment by ben

    ben Reply March 27, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    I can see that you are enjoying that much! 🙂 I envy you.

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