must see in old san juan

20 Things You Must See in Old San Juan!

The sun-kissed Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory with a melding of Latin and Caribbean ambiance. It ranks #2 on my list of the 20 Best Caribbean Islands. Established in 1521, the old walled section of the city is the oldest city in the US (a little older than St. Augustine, FL) […]

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grutas de tolantongo

Grutas de Tolantongo: Thermal Pools, Caves & Waterfalls

Grutas de Tolantongo, from the Nahuatl Aztec language, meaning “where it feels warm,” is an expansive water resort complex in the Mezuital Canyon that includes natural hot springs, caves, geothermal pools, a suspension bridge, hiking trails, campsites, the highest zip line in the area, and small hotels. From the first time that I viewed a […]

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best hikes worldwide

Best Hikes Worldwide – My 18 Favorite Epic Hikes

Carpe diem, I say! “Seize the day” or maybe “enjoy yourself while you have the chance” would be more appropriate. I’ve had the good fortune to undertake some of the best hikes worldwide. I will disclose up front that hiking is not my superpower. I don’t hike just for the exercise of it, but rather, […]

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pena de benal

Pena de Bernal: 5 Best Things to Do in Bernal Mexico

Our quest to visit Mexico’s pueblos magicos brought us to postcard-perfect San Sebastián Bernal, better known as Bernal, in the Mexican state of Querétaro. As we were driving from Tequisquiapan, we could see the towering Pena de Bernal monolith dominating the landscape from the highway, inching closer with each minute. Oozing color and charm, Bernal […]

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korcula from dubrovnik

Sailing to Korcula from Dubrovnik – 10 Things to See in Korcula Town

Korčula Island (pronounced kor-chu-la), also known as the Emerald Isle, is one of Croatia’s Dalmatian Islands, located in the azure Adriatic Sea. It’s one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Croatia and the likely birthplace of the famous explorer, Marco Polo. Sailing to Korcula from Dubrovnik is one of the best ways to get […]

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fethiye beach

Fethiye Beach & Attractions That Will Blow Your Mind!

Fethiye is a laid-back port city on Turkey’s southwestern Turquoise Coast. It’s known for its natural harbor, blue waters, and ancient Lycian rock tombs. People have lived in this town for as long as 5,000 years. Fethiye beach and attractions abound. There are so many things to do in Fethiye that revolve around fascinating history, […]

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best white sand beaches in europe

10 BEST White Sand Beaches in Europe

Culling down the list of the best white sand beaches in Europe to just ten was hard. And when I say “hard,” I mean extremely difficult. First, there are so many gorgeous beaches on the continent; second, it’s extremely subjective. One thing that I took into consideration is that I’m not a fan of black […]

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beaches of hoi an

Attractions & Beaches of Hoi An – Vietnam’s Prettiest City

This immensely picturesque and historic city on Vietnam’s central coast is known for its well-preserved and beguiling 15th-century Ancient Town, cut through with canals. UNESCO-listed, it has preserved its incredible legacy and melting-pot history, reflected in its mixed eras of architecture which included ornate Vietnamese, beautiful yellow French colonial buildings, Japanese merchant houses and bridges, […]

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animal encounters

28 Amazing Wild Animal Encounters That Blew Me Away (+Selfies!)

The search for wild animal encounters has enticed travelers for decades. For me, the random and unexpected happenstances rank among my most memorable travel experiences. I am opposed to animals in captivity such as traditional zoos, but not safaris and protected big-game parks which provide opportunities, while not guaranteed, to take photos with unbelievable species. […]

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most beautiful cities in mexico

10 Most Beautiful Cities in Mexico

It may be one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world, but there is so much more to this country beyond its exquisite coasts, including the most beautiful cities in Mexico. Known for its vibrant indigenous culture, Spanish influence, rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and delicious food, Mexico’s vibrant colonial cities are a treasure […]

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