Lima Peru

How to Survive a Crash Landing Paraglide in Lima, Peru

How hard could it be?  I’d already tried tandem skydiving and hang gliding.  I had my first inkling of trouble when we leaped off the Miraflores cliff in Lima, Peru.  But instead of taking flight, we started to descend.  This was the first of several white-knuckle episodes in the Miraflores sky. Miraflores is an affluent […]

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Four Reasons Why Pisac Is Peru’s Most Underrated City

About a one hour drive from Cusco, Pisac is the city used as the starting point to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.  The better-known Inca ruins at Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo are spectacular, for sure.  But Pisac itself is one of the most colorful and diverse cities in Peru.  And with far fewer tourists. […]

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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Lima, Peru

Many people fly into Lima solely as a stop-over for getting to more sought-after destinations in Peru, like Machu Picchu or the Amazon.  But with a history predating Colonial occupation, Lima itself is worthy of spending an extra day or two.  Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Lima is the third-largest city in the Americas and the […]

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India's west coast

Doing India’s West Coast, the Right Way

Traveling in India can be daunting for even the savviest travelers.  Infrastructure is lacking, there are hordes of people to contend with, putrid-smelling trash everywhere, sanitary issues with food and water, and the traffic is pure bedlam beyond anything I’ve ever seen, anywhere in the world. You’re probably thinking, “why would I want to go […]

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Cheat Sheet to 48 Hours in Ollantaytambo

Dating back to the 15th century, Ollantaytambo was established as the royal estate of Inca Emperor Pachacuti and is one of the best-preserved Inca sites and example of Inca urban planning. History The Inca emperor Pachacuti conquered and ruled this part of the Sacred Valley, including Ollantaytambo.  He built a fortress, agricultural terraces, an irrigation […]

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eat guinea pig peru

How to Eat Guinea Pig in Peru

On my recent trip to Peru, I was determined to try cuy (guinea pig), a local delicacy.  But not just anywhere.  I wanted the best, so I went to Pachapapa – considered one of the finest restaurants in Cusco. Location: Pachapapa is in the artsy San Blas neighborhood, directly in front of the San Blas […]

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Helen Georia

The One Thing You Must Do In Helen, Georgia

Bavaria? No. Trade the Alps for the Appalachians, and you’ll find the tiny, charm-packed town of Helen, Georgia nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains  along the Chattahoochee River. Covering only 2.1 square miles and home to a mere 430 residents, this cozy re-creation of a Bavarian Alpine village, lays claim to receiving the third highest […]

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Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal: India’s Most Luxurious Love Letter

I passed through the elaborate gate at the main entrance – a beautiful construction unto itself – and gasped as I looked through the rounded frame.  There it was… the elaborate, dazzling white marble castle-like structure that inspires so many dreams. Commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, the purpose for the Taj […]

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Machu Picchu Inkaterra

Is Machu Picchu Just for Backpackers? Definitely Not!

The magnificent Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is nestled high in the rugged Andes Mountains.  When people think of traveling there, the famous Inca Trail comes to mind.  The Inca Trail is a multi-day trek through mountain passes at elevations up to 14,500 feet.  Sure, the scenery is beautiful and some operators even provide porters […]

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Machu Picchu

You Can’t Take Your Clothes Off at Machu Picchu? Now You Tell Me!

The year was 1985.  I was in my 20’s, and my sense of wanderlust had already firmly taken hold, particularly when it came to exploring ancient civilizations.  I’d had a blast traveling throughout Mexico and Central America, visiting and climbing (yes, you could do that back in the day) Mayan and Aztec pyramids and ruins. […]

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