Raising a Family and Running a Business in Mexico

November 19, 2014

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Angela Damman is one of those people that can do it all.  And in Telchac Pueblo, she has done just that.

Four years ago, she and her husband Scott sold their home in Salida, Colorado.  They gathered up their children, four-year-old India, and two-year-old Finley, and headed for the Yucatan state of Mexico.

Telchac is a lot like the other Yucatan pueblos in that it’s a pleasant little town, very clean and friendly and the locals have a lot of pride in the village.  It is strategically located a 15-minute drive to the beaches on the Gulf Coast and a 45-minute drive to the vibrant colonial city of Merida.

The Hacienda

Since they’d agreed to move abroad, the Damman’s decided to do something really different.  They both liked to renovate properties, so why not just go for it in all possible ways?

They soon purchased a run-down hacienda that Angela felt a connection to.  Hacienda San Juan was built in the 1880s by a Spanish family from the Basque region.  It was a working hacienda, processing henequen for decades. The original owners vacated the property and it was given to the village.  The hacienda was later purchased from the village in the 1980s.  It was in ruins and the new private owner began major restorations, which the Damman’s have taken over.

“We were basically really camping out,” said Angela.  “We didn’t have a working toilet, the plumbing wasn’t working, everything was overgrown – it was like living in the jungle of Mexico!”

The hacienda is slowly and lovingly being transformed from ruins into a stunning example of how to maintain the architecture and allure of a historical structure but with the modern convenience of the times.

In the small village of Telchac, the Dammans are the only expats except for one neighbor next door.  But they love their ongoing project, not just as a home and investment but as an opportunity to become educated as to what haciendas were all about.

Read the rest of the inspiring story of Angela Damman’s Yucatan adventure here.

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