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Samburu Tribe: An Eye-Opening Visit to a Samburu Village, Kenya

A subset of the Maasai, the Samburu tribe are semi-nomadic pastoralists in north-central Kenya. We had an opportunity to have a private tour of a small village while we were in with the Elewana Collection in the Loisaba Wildlife Conservancy. The tribal people were generally very friendly, and the visit, while fascinating was an eye-opening […]

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traditional kenyan food

Traditional Kenyan Food: 10 Delicious Kenyan Dishes (Plus Drinks!)

Traditional Kenyan food is influenced, in part, by its African landscape. Cuisine on the east coast is infused with Hindu, Indian and Arab flair, due to their presence during the Colonial era. Alternatively, inland, the traditional styles of the indigenous tribal herdsmen have had their own band of influences. Each area of the country stamps […]

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Nairobi City Tour: Top Things to Do in Nairobi

Nairobi is one of those intriguing cities that is constantly depicted in both fictional movies as well as real-time media reports. From the romanticized allure of Karen Blixen’s book and movie, Out of Africa, to the chaos and propensity for in this city of extremes, Nairobi is trendy and edgy and worth exploring. Contained in […]

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loisaba tented camp

Loisaba Tented Camp and Wilderness Safari, Kenya

Sitting on an artistically carved bench on an escarpment overlooking 56,000 acres of the pristine Laikipia savanna, I feel like I can see all of Africa on the horizon. I can hear elephants in the distance and a dik-dik – the tiniest antelope on the planet, darts across the path just off to my right. […]

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lewa conservancy

Lewa Conservancy & Safari Camp, Kenya

Founded by David and Delia Craig subsequent to the request of conservationist Anna Merz in the 1980s, the origina purpose of the Lewa Conservancy was to become a refuge for the endangered black rhinos. At that point in time, Kenya’s black rhino population had decreased from 20,000 to just a few hundred due to poaching […]

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safari safety

Safari Safety: 10 BEST Tips to Stay Safe

Viewing wildlife up close on a Kenya safari is a thrilling experience, for sure. In fact, many people name a safari as number one on their bucket list.  Concerns about safari safety should not deter you from undertaking such an amazing and memorable experience. Derived from the Arabic word safar, safaris date back hundreds of […]

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meru national park

Meru National Park: Elsa’s Kopje, Kenya

One of our favorite camps during our Kenya safari holidays was Elsa’s Kopje in Meru National Park. Located about 220 miles northeast of Nairobi, guests can either drive or take a small commuter plane to get to Meru. We chose to fly and were greeted by Aikiba, who was to be our personal guide during […]

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masai mara

Masai Mara Safari Travel Tips | Luggage and Lipstick

Masai Mara (also known as Maasai Mara or simply “the Mara” as locals call it) is one of the most well-known national parks in Kenya and the world over. And to be quite honest, a Masai Mara safari is usually one of the top places on any Kenya safari itinerary and for good reason too! […]

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safari animals

Safari Animals: 21 Types of Wildlife to See in Kenya

Kenya has attracted explorers for centuries, and even more so after the release of the movie Out of Africa depicting the life of Karen Blixen in Nairobi. Renowned for its savannas, rugged mountains, and vivid Maasai culture, it’s the safari animals that add the sense of adventure to one of the world’s most fascinating travel […]

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safari clothes

Stylish Safari Clothes & Complete Kenya Safari Packing Guide

About a month before I was to leave for my Kenya safari holidays, I realized I didn’t have any of the safari clothes that were recommended by the Elewana Collection, my travel host. Khaki, tan, gray, beige, olive green? Um, no. My wardrobe has always consisted of bright colors, vivid florals, and crazy patterns. Perhaps […]

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