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best places in greece

10 Best Places in Greece to Visit This Year

Located in southeastern Europe, Greece is one of Europe’s most interesting and beautiful countries, attracting throngs of tourists every year. With fascinating culture, rich history, diverse landscapes, ancient ruins, whitewashed villages, stunning islands, and food that will knock your socks off, the country holds allure for every kind of traveler. It could take months of […]

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10 Things to Do in Albania That Will Blow You Away

What if I told you there is a county where medieval castles stand perched on mountaintops overlooking the red-tiled rooftops of villages below; where iridescent turquoise waves lap onto sugar-sand beaches; where picturesque rows and rows of juicy grapes are producing some of the region’s finest wines; where the gastronomy is so fresh and delicious […]

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crete road trip

Crete Road Trip: 10 Cool Crete Outdoor Things to Do

Largest of the Greek Islands and birthplace of mythological Zeus, Crete’s stunning turquoise beaches, dramatic mountain gorges, charming harbor towns, and ancient archaeological sites make it the perfect destination for a diverse holiday. There is no better way to explore the treasure trove of fascinating attractions than via a Crete road trip. Compared to other […]

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things to do mykonos

Best Things to Do: Mykonos in 24 Hours

Recently, I took a Cyclades catamaran cruise to several islands, but it did not include Mykonos. I couldn’t fathom spending time in this fabulous part of Greece without exploring the best things to do – Mykonos! Second only to Santorini in popularity, Mykonos is famous in its own right. Sitting on the brilliant turquoise Aegean […]

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koufonisia island

Koufonisia Island: The Most Beautiful in Greece?

Koufonisia Island, one of the islands we visited on our Yacht Getaways Cyclades Route, surprised us. Small in size but big in impact, the island’s exotic crystal-clear aqua beaches, fascinating sea caves, sunsets over old windmills, and delicious Greek food, Koufonisia certainly lives up to the moniker “paradise.” Koufonisia (Κουφονήσι) is a secret gem, and […]

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Paros, Greece: 10 Reasons to Visit this Stunning Island | Yacht Getaways

We began and ended our catamaran adventure on the Island of Paros. It’s easy to see why that island was chosen…after our cruise around the Cyclades Islands with Yacht Getaways, Paros ranked high as one of our favorite Greek islands! Gorgeous mountain landscapes, lush valleys and rolling hills, picturesque whitewashed villages dotted with blue-domed windmills, […]

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things to do in ios

Top 10 Things to Do in Ios, Greece | Yacht Getaways

The first major stop on our Yacht Getaways Cyclades Islands of Greece sailing adventure was Ios. What a perfect beginning because there are so many fun things to do in Ios! Ios is a Greek island in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea, roughly halfway between Naxos and Santorini. It’s is a hilly island […]

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cyclades island hopping

Cyclades Island Hopping in Greece with Yacht Getaways

The Cyclades is the most well-known of the Greek islands, located southeast of mainland Greece in the Aegean Sea. The islands host some of Greece’s most important archaeological sites and are known for their idyllic beaches, ancient ruins, rugged landscapes, and of course the iconic, picture-perfect, whitewashed stucco buildings juxtaposed against the shimmering cerulean sea. Cyclades […]

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santorini cruise port

Santorini Cruise Port: 6 Things to Do on a Santorini Excursion

It’s one of the most Instagrammed bucket list places on the planet, but is Santorini worth the hype? Known as one of the most luxurious, romantic, and honeymoon destinations, we were very excited that the Santorini cruise port in the Cyclades Islands was one of the places on our Mediterranean Cruise with Princess Cruise Lines, […]

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things to do in hvar

Things to Do in Hvar – Croatia’s Most Exciting Island

Have you heard of Hvar Island? While it may not be familiar to Americans, it certainly is well-known to Europeans. Sun-drenched beaches, cobblestone lanes, ancient hilltop fortresses, and glamourous nightclubs have allegedly attracted celebrities such as Prince Harry, Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Tom Cruise. Sometimes called the “St. Tropez of the Adriatic,” and consistently listed […]

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