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Doha city tour

Doha City Tour: 10 Best Things to Do in Doha, Qatar

As part of my recent trip to Kenya, I chose to take a 24-hour layover in Qatar so I could do a Doha city tour. I’d done a similar thing in Dubai a year ago and loved having the opportunity to explore a bit of the Middle East without adding the additional expense. My Doha […]

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photo credit: KiRin Chen Burj Al Arab via photopin (license)

10 Reasons to Visit Dubai Now. No. 7 Will Surprise You. [Gate1]

Half a world away, there are so many reasons why this fascinating city is magnetically drawing me in. Dubai Gate1 tours offer excursions to all the best places! Once considered just a stopover connecting the continents, Dubai is now a destination unto itself.  The contrasts are extreme.  In the same day, you can have fun […]

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