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12 FUN Road Trip Cities on the Mexican Caribbean Coast

Most people are familiar with at least some of the holiday destinations along the Mexican Caribbean Coast; they represent the most popular beaches in the country, attracting millions of tourists every year who flock to enjoy the shimmering turquoise water and palm-lined beaches. In addition to the stunning beaches, the area also offers Mayan archeological […]

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Fun Things to Do in Chetumal Quintana Roo Mexico

While it remains one of the least touristy places, Chetumal Quintana Roo Mexico has a lot of fun things to do! Though quieter than other cities on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, this hidden gem has a Caribbean vibe, rich culture and history, and stunning natural wonders. It also makes a good base for getting to other […]

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tulum instagram

BEST Tulum Instagram & Tourist Attractions

Mesmerizing turquoise water lapping onto pristine sugar-sand beaches, there isn’t a prettier beach anywhere in the Caribbean. Unlike the more frenetic Cancun to the north, Tulum has a more laid-back beach vibe, although it has rapidly gone from a sleepy fishing town to an upscale holiday destination featuring a myriad of eco-chic boutique hotels. With […]

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bacalar mexico

Bacalar Mexico: The Jaw-Dropping Gem You’ve Never Heard Of

Bacalar Mexico is often called “the Maldives of Mexico.” Having now been to both, I’d concur that’s an accurate description. The local Mayans call Bacalar the Lagoon of Seven Colors because they say you can see seven shades of blue in the pristine water. We counted them, and sure enough, you can…from the lightest aqua […]

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mexico caribbean coast

Mexico Caribbean Coast: 21 Crazy Fun Activities!

You’re familiar with it. That glorious slice of land where the Yucatan Peninsula meets the Caribbean Sea. With impossibly iridescent turquoise water lapping onto soft, white-sand, palm-lined beaches, the Mexico Caribbean coast is the very definition of “tropical paradise.” Stretching north from Cancun down to Chetumal on the border of Belize, the Mexican Caribbean has […]

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Scuba Diving Cancun at the Underwater Museum

It’s nothing short of surreal… A man “on fire” with fire coral flaring out of his eyes, nose and ears… A small smiling girl looks up to the surface… A group of businessmen with their heads in the sand, oblivious to the world around them… No, these are not real people, but just a few […]

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Whale Sharks in Cancun: Mexico’s Most Exciting Snorkeling Adventure!

I sat on the edge of the boat, clinging to dear life as the waves tossed the “stationary” vessel about. Finally, I heard Csaba yell, “GO!” and I did as I’d been instructed. I pushed off the side of the boat into the deep water below, just as the huge dorsal fin came near. Scuba […]

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Cozumel Beaches & Best Things to Do in Cozumel

A tropical island off mainland Mexico, Cozumel lies in the Caribbean Sea. A popular cruise ship port destination, Cozumel beaches and outdoor activities – such as some of the best scuba diving in the Western hemisphere – attract tourists from all over the world to its shimmering turquoise shores. Cozumel at a Glance Just off […]

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Mexico Hot Spots: Top 10 Mexican Beaches

The US (and many other places in the world) experiences cold winters and rainy springtime. If you live in one of the cooler climates, the thought of spreading a towel on a warm, palm-lined beach or curling up with a book under an oceanfront palapa with turquoise waves lapping at your feet is very appealing.  […]

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