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My 2014 Bucket List for Travel

Back to Mexico, because I just can’t get enough: Isla Mujeres, Ek Balam, Campeche, Huatulco, Cabo, Chelem, Progreso Caribbean:  Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, St. Thomas, St. Maartin, St. Kitts, Barbados International:  South Africa, Turkey, Panama, and Columbia U.S.: Yosemite, Palm Springs, Virginia Beach, New Orleans Bucket Activities: Cage diving with great whites in South Africa […]

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World Travel: My 2013 in Review

8 tropical island adventures, 45 U.S. cities visited, 2 foreign countries explored.  Festivals, beaches, indigenous food (and ice cream!) consumed, spa treatments “endured,” skydiving, hang gliding, swimming with sharks, visiting family, weddings, bargaining with shopkeepers, and a geisha makeover.  2013 was a good year.  A very good year. The collage below are some of the […]

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Some days are like that, even in…..the Midwest

Tell me…. do I look dangerous to you?  Apparently the TSA still thinks so. Rapid City Regional Airport.  Just another nondescript launching pad in the life of a travel writer.  Or so I thought. But it turned out to be a no-good, very bad, terrible day. As I’m going through security in the small but […]

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Ready, Set, Jump! Literally.

  While in Hawaii in June on a photojournalist gig covering a 50th Aikido celebration, I made the arrangements. If I was going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, you can bet it was going to be in a place where the view was spectacular! Read about skydiving in Oahu, Hawaii in the August 2013 […]

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La Paz

La Paz Birthday Bash

  When you get to a certain age, the idea of blowing out candles jammed into a cake laden with thick, sickeningly-sweet wallpaper paste-like frosting is no longer appealing. So when offered the opportunity to spend my birthday in a beautiful part of Mexico, I didn’t have to think twice. Published in International Living, July […]

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