Delfin Amazon Cruises: Adventures on the Amazon River

April 30, 2018

Delfin Amazon cruise

I stepped back into the dark brown muck and leaned on the tree behind me to get a better photo of the anaconda slithering in my direction. I was motionless for a mere two seconds when Ericson Pinedo, our local naturalist, jerked me back by my arm and quickly snatched the hat from my head. It was covered with tiny deadly black ants.

Since pre-Colombian times, the Amazon has been the source of intrigue for outsiders, from daydreams of riverboat adventures to nightmares of shrunken heads. The largest river by volume, the Amazon is often considered the most dangerous river in the world. My small eco-friendly cruise ship meandered the waterway during the rainy season, quietly gliding through the tributaries and rainforests that are home to an incredible collection of flora, fauna…and unexpected adventure.

Luxury on the Amazon

Amazon River cruise

After a raucous welcome by village children and a tropical drink, we embarked on our four-day adventure in Nauta, Peru. Refurbished in 2017, the Delfin III is a three-story ship that carries up to 43 passengers.

My air-conditioned cabin had an expansive and modern living area and an unusually spacious bathroom. But my favorite feature was the floor-to-ceiling windows which treated me every morning to a different jungle view, literally a few feet from….my feet. A mug of steaming coffee in hand, lounging in a luxurious bed and watching the sun filter through the lush green leaves was the perfect way to start each day.

The ship also had a large dining room enclosed in glass windows delivering panoramic views of the Amazon and a cozy lounge filled with overstuffed sofas and chair, where we gathered to consume pisco sours – Peru’s national drink.

A Jaunt in the Jungle

Amazon River cruise

The Amazon is home to more species of animals and plants than any other ecosystem on earth. The river is over 4,000 miles long, has more than 1,100 tributaries, and carries more volume of water than the top ten largest rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean combined.  [read more]

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amazon river cruises

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  1. Comment by Yolanda Elliot

    Yolanda Elliot Reply May 19, 2018 at 1:34 am

    I think this Amazon river cruise can help to discover the wildlife-rich rain forests, hidden waterways and small, riverside villages.

  2. Comment by Suzanne Fluhr

    Suzanne Fluhr Reply May 23, 2018 at 12:50 am

    A stay at a jungle lodge on the Amazon down river from Iquitos was one of the highlights of our 1982 honeymoon in Peru. It was a little rustic. No electricity, an overturned tin barrel as our shower. I was enjoying the fauna until I thought a bird had landed next to me at dinner one night. It wasn’t a bird. It was a giant, flying beetle. I don’t do well with insects, especially bird sized beetles.

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