Dive Curacao: Mother and Son Dive Adventure

August 31, 2013

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These days, it’s nearly impossible for a mother to finds ways to bond with her teenage son that don’t include X-Box, dirt bikes or soccer. Family vacations are a great time to reconnect, but in planning a family trip to Curacao, I had an epiphany. Why not ask my teenage son to join me on a dive? Diving could be a great multi-generational activity.

I’m not an expert diver.  I’m a novice – what is commonly known as a non-certified “resort diver.” I love diving and have experienced half a dozen Caribbean reefs and shipwrecks.  I’ve never sought to get certified because I live in New England, and swimming in frigid, ice cold water with almost no visibility is not my idea of a good time.

dive curacao

Underwater visibility

But Curacao’s calm east coast beaches offer up to 100 feet of visibility and warm, inviting, reef-laden waters which would lend itself to a perfect first dive.

When I mentioned the idea to my son, Nick, his grin spoke his approval.  Score one for mom and let the bonding begin!

The preparation started before we even set foot outside our snow-encrusted door… I gave Nick a variety of books to read, ranging from “how to” guides about equipment to fictitious stories that involved teen diving adventures.  These books ensured that dive language, breathing technique, undersea situations, equipment function, and safety measures would be somewhat familiar in the forthcoming dive lesson.

dive curacao

Ollie giving Nick and Patti instruction

We decided to do the dive about half-way into our visit in Curacao.  After around an hour of instruction by Ollie at Caribbean Sea Sports, at the Marriott Curacao Resort & Emerald Casino, we were cleared for a guided exploration of ocean life at depths of 20 to 40 feet, which is where a good number of tropical fish hang out.

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