Korea Itinerary: 5 Best Places to Visit in South Korea [UPDATED 2022]

February 1, 2018

South Korea

South Korea, most known for sharing a heavily militarized border with its testy neighbor North Korea, is a land of diverse beauty and culture.  From a cosmopolitan capital to flowering green countryside, to ancient Buddhist shrines and 5000-year history, to tropical island paradise, festivals, bizarre sculpture parks,  unique cuisine, and 13 incredible UNESCO sites in Korea, this Korea itinerary offers travelers a wide range of experiences.

1. Seoul, South Korea

With a population of 10 million people, the capital of South Korea is a sprawling metropolis where ancient temples are just a stone’s throw from modern architecture, and street markets coexist with high-end dining.


Seoul Tower at night. Photo by Kary Kern

The Namsan Seoul Tower was Korea’s first tower tourism venue and was especially fun to visit at night.  The top of the tower is 1575 feet above sea level and gives a 360° panoramic view of the cityscape.

korea itinerary

National Folk Museum, Bukchon Hanok Village, and DMZ, Photos by Kary Kern

Bukchon Hanok Village is a cultural and beautifully preserved 600-year old village.  Tourists can meander through the narrow streets and get an insight into the Joseon Dynasty and traditional hanok Korean homes.

The National Folk Museum of Korea is an extensive park and museum located within the grounds of the Gyeongbokgung Palace.

One of the most unique places is the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) – a strip of land that cuts the Korean Peninsula roughly in half. It serves as a buffer zone between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and the Republic of Korea (South Korea). Since 1953, there have been “incidents” in and around the DMZ, resulting in military and civilian casualties on both sides.

One of my favorite places to shop was the Namdaemun market – it’s a cacophony of vendors hawking inexpensive souvenirs and all manner of street food through a rabbit’s warren of stalls.  My other favorite was the Insadong market for traditional Korean handicrafts and souvenirs. Unlike the chaotic Namdaemun, this market is one long, main thoroughfare with shops lining both sides.

South Korea

Kayaking on the Nam River. Photo by Jeff Orr

For active pursuits, try kayaking on the Han River at dusk!

korea subway

Squeezed on the metro!

We loved navigating the mass transit to and from Seoul.  It’s very efficient, but also very crowded, which was a major plus for Kary who is an avid people-watcher.

The Insadong neighborhood is also another great place to explore in Seoul.

There’s so much to here — it can keep you busy and amused for a long time. Here are some great day trips from Seoul and here is a great 5-day itinerary for visiting Seoul.

2. Suwon, South Korea


Suwon Fortress. Photo by Kary Kern

About 20 miles south of Seoul, Suwon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for the high, ancient walls which once fortified the city.  The fortress was built in the Joseon Dynasty by King Jeongjo, who intended to move Korea’s capital from Seoul to Suwon. The fortress wall that surrounded the city was constructed but the king died before the capital could be transferred from Seoul.

South Korea

The old walls of Suwon

South Korea

The shrine at the top of the Suwon fortress

After entering at the Paldamun Gate, we eventually found our way to the multitude of stairs which led us (huffing and puffing) up to the top of the walls.  The birds-eye view at the top is worth the effort!  There’s also a shrine and bell tower at the top.

jidong market

Jidong Market

We love wandering around the markets, so outside of the fortress in the town we found the Jidong Market with street food, fresh fish and seafood, produce, and a few souvenirs.

suwon baseball

Suwon Baseball Stadium. Photo by Kary Kern

The Suwon Baseball Stadium is also here, where you may be able to catch a fun and festive game.

3. Busan, South Korea


View of the Diamond Bridge. Photo by Kary Kern

korea itinerary

Haeundae Beach. Photo by Kary Kern

On the southeast coast of Korea is Busan, a large port city known for its beaches, mountains, and temples. Haeundae Beach has a public square while Gwangalli Beach has bars and stunning views of the Diamond Bridge. One of the most compelling reasons to add this city to your Korea itinerary is that there are so many things to do in Busan!

4. Jeju, South Korea

jeju island

Hyeopjae Beach on Jeju. Photo by Kary Kern

Sometimes called “the Hawaii of Korea,” Jeju Island is the place to go while in Korea, and just a short flight from most cities.

jeju island

Gwamul Beach on Jeju. Photo by Kary Kern

tewoo beach

Tewoo Beach on Jeju. Photo by Kary Kern

The azure water of Tewoo, the crystal-clear aqua of Gwamul, or the shimmering turquoise of Hyeopjae…you name it, the beaches are gorgeous and uncrowded. And the climate is sub-tropical.  Can you say paradise?

hallasan volcanoe

Climbing Hallasan volcano. Photo by Kary Kern

The island has a dormant volcano, Hallasan, which rises 6,400 feet above sea level.  There are several hikes you can take offering various degrees of difficulty. Be aware that the top of the craters have the capacity to hold a lot of mist, and depending on the weather, can the views below. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you go.

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Oh, the quirky sights on Jeju! Photo by Kary Kern

Jeju is nothing if not quirky.  Loveland is an over-the-top adult theme park dedicated to sex. This park is not for the prudish.  Oversized naked sculptures in the throes of ecstasy, statues sporting well-placed plumbing, and snacks in shapes that would make your grandmother blush are just the beginning.

There’s also a UFO dinner (note — this has closed since this post was published), bizarre-looking squid hanging up to dry, and stone gnomes-like grandfather statues scattered around the island. (Update: sadly, it looks like this dinner is now closed)

5. Songtan, South Korea


Downtown Songtan. Photo by Kary Kern

The little city of Songtan surprised me.  It’s just outside of Osan Air Base, a United States Air Force base, which contributed to the growth of the area and a positive impact on the economy.  In fact, the main reason for my stay there was to visit Kary, my Master Sargeant boyfriend, who was on a four-month deployment with the Air National Guard.


Street food. Photo by Kary Kern

To pass the time during Kary’s on-duty daytime hours, I thoroughly enjoyed strolling around town just outside of the base.  The streets were lined with shops and vendors selling quick snacks, like deliciously deep-fried squid.

South Korea food and drink

Songtan had the best food and drink! Photo by Kary Kern

Korean food is so delicious, and the food in Songtan was among the best that I had in South Korea.  Korean BBQ and kimchi – a side dish made from fermented cabbage and radishes, garlic, scallions, chili powder, and ginger, were fantastic.  I also tried bubble tea – sort of a fruit smoothie with chewy tapioca balls. Not my favorite.  But I did get rather attached to soju – a vodka-like alcoholic beverage mixed with an orange-flavored liquid.  The taste was reminiscent of the creamsicle bars I used to eat when I was little…. and dangerously went down just as easy.

hookah bar south Korea

At the hookah bar.

And last but not least, another amusing experience we had was going to a hookah lounge.  The only other time I had been to one was in Cairo some twenty years ago.  We ordered a syrupy apple-flavored tobacco mix containing molasses and vegetable glycerol to smoke in our hookah.  I’ve never smoked cigarettes but found the hookah pipe to be easy.  This establishment also had an accessory that looked like a light bulb which we used to make large smoke bubbles.  We had a lot of laughs here, and I highly recommend that you add this to your Korea itinerary!

Here are some things to know before you go to Korea.

IMPORTANT! Never travel to any foreign country without travel insurance! Random, unplanned things can happen. I was involved in a horrendous car crash in South Africa in 2014.

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  1. Comment by Kemkem

    Kemkem Reply February 5, 2018 at 5:34 am

    Lovely. South Korea is a place that l would like to visit. My brother-in-law was stationed there for years and his kids had a hard time when it came time to go back to the States. They loved it. The metro reminds me of Tokyo, packed tight :-).

  2. Comment by Carole Terwilliger Meyers

    Carole Terwilliger Meyers Reply February 5, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    I enjoyed visiting South Korea through your eyes. I enjoy markets, too, so when I visit I will go to several and also make a side trip to Busan for those beaches!

  3. Comment by Pamela McKuen

    Pamela McKuen Reply February 5, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Thanks for opening up the prospect of another adventure for me. I haven’t thought much about visiting South Korea, but I enjoyed reading about your experiences. Songtan seems like a lot of fun and very “real.”

  4. Comment by Cindy

    Cindy Reply February 5, 2018 at 6:31 pm

    South Korea keeps popping up – I think that is a sign I must visit! But how in the world did you get the beach at Jeju to yourself!! Isn’t this one of the busiest domestic tourist destinations in South Korea?! I thought it was always packed. . . and I can see why from your pictures!

  5. Comment by Doreen Pendgracs

    Doreen Pendgracs Reply February 6, 2018 at 11:17 pm

    LOVE your opening photo! Thx for the insight into South Korea!

  6. Comment by Michele

    Michele Reply February 7, 2018 at 7:14 am

    Thanks for the tips, my brother has recently moved there for work so it is on our to visit list this year. You have given me a good start to my planning

  7. Comment by Irene S. Levine

    Irene S. Levine Reply February 7, 2018 at 10:30 am

    Thanks for taking me on this vicarious tour of South Korea just before the Olympics!

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  9. Comment by Lauren

    Lauren Reply August 26, 2021 at 7:44 pm

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know much about Songtan. Looks like an interesting place to visit. Keep up the good work!

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