Oahu Getaway: Three Girls, Three Days

January 28, 2014


Chilling out on Kailua Beach

The best view of Oahu came right at the moment I leaned forward and tumbled out of the plane.

Finished with an Aikido conference in which Marie and Rebecca participated (I was there to photograph the event) we had decided a short girls’ getaway as in order. After all, the conference was in Waikiki, so why waste a trip?

We had three days to frolic in the sun and surf and find other activities to keep us busy. In Oahu, the problem is not finding something to do, the problem is how to do it all in such a short time. We gave it a good run.


Waikiki Beach

Day one was spent in the crowded but entertaining Waikiki Beach. Marie, the die-hard of our group, started the day early by participating in a hot yoga session on the beach. Rebecca went along to take photos. I slept in.

Waikiki beach, attractive but not the prettiest beach on the island, is intriguing enough to hold many a tourists interest for an entire day.

First thing I had to do was get my picture taken with native son, Duke Kahanamoku. Okay, it’s an immortalizing statue, but still, it’s Duke – the legendary Waikiki surfer and Olympian who introduced the rest of the world to the sport.

After spending the rest of the morning at the beach, we grabbed a quick lunch at popular Burger in Paradise, then a long walk along the boulevard lined with shops, restaurants, and bars in an effort to get rid of at least a few of the consumed calories. We ducked into the International Marketplace before heading back to the beach to take advantage of great prices on tropical jewelry and island clothing.

Duke’s Waikiki, named after the legend, was our choice for an early evening drink, but we were having so much fun at this hopping place we decided to stay for dinner. We opted for the more casual Barefoot Bar over the elegant restaurant. After a lengthy wait, we were rewarded with a table on the patio for al fresco dining, lit by tiki torches, the sound of waves crashing on the beach just beyond. The loud, friendly atmosphere of the bar and restaurant lent itself to a fun stop for meeting new people.

Read about our adventures in Oahu in GoNOMAD.

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