Puerto Nuevo Lobster in Baja, Mexico

September 2, 2013

Puerto Nuevo, 10 miles south of the famous Baja city of Rosarito is a must-do on any Baja California itinerary.  This small fishing village was founded in the 1950s as a small stand near a Newport cigarette billboard (Newport translates to Puerto Nuevo in Spanish). The billboard is long gone but more than 30 restaurants and shops now dot what has become one of the most famous lobster destinations, claiming to serve more lobsters in this town than anyplace in the world.

lobsters puerto nuevo baja

Getting ready for the fryer!

One restaurant, Puerto Nuevo II is owned by one of the founding families of this famous lobster village, Rosa Maria Plascencia and her husband Enrique. They are the most warm and friendly hosts you’d ever find anywhere! Puerto Nuevo II is more upscale than the other establishments, and lobster preparation here is a science.  The live lobsters are split down the middle with a sharp knife, then deep-fried to the perfect texture, drenched in butter and served with salsa and chips, rice, refried beans, limes, and freshly made tortillas whose heavenly aroma permeates the restaurant and street beyond.

The cost of this scrumptious feast won’t set you back very much – a mere $15, a fraction of what you’d pay at a similar seaside restaurant in the U.S.

Baja’s lobster capital covers three blocks and is just steps from the Pacific Ocean.  Walk off your meal with a stroll by the surf, or browse one of many shops selling local crafts, pottery, rustic furniture, blankets, and other wares.

lobsters puerto nuevo baja

Puerto Nuevo II
Km. 44 Carretera a Ensenada
Av. Renteria # 2
Puerto Nuevo, B.C. Mexico
US: 01152.661.614.1454
Mex: 01.661.614.1454
Fax: 01.661.614.0008

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