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I’m a frequent guest on Travel Planners Radio with hosts Kevin and Sue McCarthy.  It’s a fabulous show, chock full of tips, tricks, advice and planning for local, regional, national and international destinations

The Travel Planners Radio Show is now Internationally syndicated on the GAB Radio Network to 24 U.S. stations and Amsterdam, as well as broadcast on 1590 WCGO, and currently has over 5 million listeners.

Whenever I’m on with Kevin and Sue, not only do you get valuable information, but they make every conversation fun!  They intermingle their own travel experiences along with my destination,  in a fun and entertaining way that makes  you feel like you’re part of the journey.

Click below for podcasts of some of my recent on-air segments:

Adventures on the Amazon (3/24/2018)

Amazon Adventure

Lima, Peru: More Than Just a Stopover (3/24/2018)

Lima Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru (1/6/2018)


Sacred Valley, Peru (1/6/2018)


Moldova and Transnistria (7/31/2017)
Romania, Part I (7/31/2017)
Romania, Part II (7/31/2017)
China, Part I (3/25/2017)


China, Part II (3/25/2017)
food markets China
French Polynesia, Part I (4/23/2016)
French Polynesia
French Polynesia, Part II (4/23/2016)

French Polynesia

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