For a Safe Mexican Holiday, Vacation in Baja

January 27, 2014

vacation in baja

Turquoise waves lapping on sugar-sand beaches, colorful colonial cities, mouth-watering – and sometimes eye-watering – food, and friendly, warm locals. These are the imagines that used to come to mind when planning a vacation to Mexico.

But the reputation of mainland Mexico’s troubled border cities has unfairly impacted tourism in the majority of peaceful Mexico vacation spots.  One spot that refutes Mexico’s image challenge is the Baja California Sur peninsula, just below California, which is one of the most diverse, fun-packed, and safest vacation spots to be found.


Balandra Beach, La Paz (courtesy CostaBaja)

La Paz is located in the southeast Baja peninsula.  Unlike Cabo San Lucas, its more familiar and rowdy neighbor to the south, La Paz, an authentic and colorful Mexican small town whose name translates “the Peace,” is just that.  Friendly tranquility abounds and even the U.S. Government cites no security concerns or advisory for La Paz in its 2012 travel update.

Boasting 340 days of sunshine a year, La Paz has beaches as beautiful as the Caribbean and a desert climate that keeps the days warm and dry, the nights cool.  Water-based activities abound. La Paz rests lazily on the brilliant blue-green waters of the Sea of Cortez, deemed “the world’s aquarium” by Jacques Cousteau because of the abundance and variety of sea life cushioned within its depths.  A short boat ride is available to Espiritu Santo Island where you can go diving, snorkeling, and swimming with sea lions and shark whales.  Boating, kayaking and paddle boarding are available throughout La Paz.  For those who prefer to just chill out and catch some rays, the crystal aqua waters on the mainland beaches are hard to beat.

Read the rest of a safe Mexican vacation in Baja in TravelersPress, September 30, 2012.

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