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Is Pisac Peru’s most underrated city? It just might be!

The better-known Inca ruins at Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo are spectacular, for sure.  But Pisac itself is one of the most colorful and diverse cities in Peru.  And with far fewer tourists.

How to Eat Guinea Pig in Peru

Roasted guinea pig, called “cuy” has been has been a staple in Peruvian cuisine for around 5,000 years. It’s a little bit greasy, but doesn’t taste like any other meat I’ve ever tried. You must try it when you visit!


Rescuing Baby Turtles on the Amazon

Releasing baby yellow-spotted turtles into their natural habitat in the Amazon River with AdventureSmith Explorations.


This is How You Chew Cocoa Leaves

Chewing coca leaves is legal in Peru. It’s said to alleviate altitude sickness, increase energy, suppress appetite, and…is an aphrodisiac. Here’s how to do it!


Potato Chip Rock:  Patti & The Dojo Girls

The hike to the top of Mt. Woodson was difficult — 3.5 hours uphill in the sun.  But at the summit, WOW, did we ever have fun!  Check out the props we brought!  My motto: Above all, life should be fun!


Imperial Jewels of China with Viking River Cruises

Claiming 5,000 years of history and culture, the discoveries of tea, silk, papermaking, printing, the compass, and gunpowder, Confucianism, through dynastic rule, and on to Communism, Chinese culture has made an impact on the world.


Do I dare swim with sharks in Bora Bora?

Adrenaline excursion swimming with stingrays, feeding reef sharks, encountering  a moray eel and playing with a baby octopus on the world’s most beautiful island.


Sista Cruise: Look Out Bahamas!

Best girlfriend getaway ever!  Celebrating my sister, Aimee’s 40th birthday — had a TON of fun.  Oh, the laughs.  Did I mention what happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas? 🙂


Eating street food is synonymous with absorbing the culture. China is legendary for its culturally-vibrant open-air markets with offerings that run the gamut from sinfully sweet, temptingly savory, nose-running spicy, to downright bizarre.


Hang Gliding

What an incredibly peaceful feeling!  Gliding along, letting the wind take you away, learning to work with the wind and weight to steer, and the fun “rollercoaster” maneuver.  Such a blast…. can’t wait to do it again!


Medieval castles stand perched on mountaintops overlooking the red tiled rooftops of villages below. Iridescent turquoise waves lap onto sugar-sand beaches. Rows and rows of juicy grapes waiting to be plucked and turned into fine wine. Throw in a rich and troubled history, traditional culture, ancient ruins, natural phenomena and there you have it. Albania.


Turning Japanese

This amazing 3-hour Geisha makeover at Gion Kanikanakuni in Kyoto was the highlight of our entire trip throughout Japan (Narita, Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto).  Had a blast with my friends Rebecca and Marie!

Thank you to Hiroyuki (Eddie) Tatsumi, MD and Tomoco San and Takaio San for your help!


Trail of Dreams dogsledding tours in Bend, Oregon takes you on a thrilling and magical adventure through the Deschutes National Forest next to majestic Mt. Bachelor and the Cascades. Stunning scenery as the dogs whisk you through the twists and turns through the wooded trail. Highlight of a winter trip to Bend!


Adrenaline Rush in Hawaii!

Yeah baby!!! Pure adrenaline!! My first jump at 14,000+ feet (the highest you can jump without oxygen).  One full minute of free-falling natural high before the shoot deployed.  Guy, Marcello, and Breen at Pacific Skydiving, Dillingham Airfield, Oahu, Hawaii were amazing!


Beware the Blowhole!

Hear the squeals of the little Mexican children as La Bufadora in Ensenada Mexico, the second largest blowhole in the world, with sprays up to 80+ feet.  A must-see natural landmark in Baja.


My NASCAR Debut!

Petal to the Metal!  Zipping around this South Carolina racetrack at breakneck speed was a blast…. literally!


Photobombed by a LIVE cassowary in Kuranda, Australia. Cassowaries are ratites (flightless birds) and are native to the tropical forests of New Guinea and northeastern Australia.   “Don’t move,” our guide Perry Marshall of Kuranda Rainforest Journeys said. Oh, trust me… I didn’t move. I didn’t breathe!


Um, yes… I’m that girl… the one who willingly and not under duress chose to leap into the frigid Alaska sea. It was awesome!!!


Yup. I’m one of those people who get up and dance in the middle of dinner on a Carnival Cruise. Food vs. Fun? That’s an easy choice!


You don’t need a passport to land the perfect beach destination. There are hundreds of islands in the United States that offer a perfect ocean-side retreat. Using a criterion of attractive beaches, good selection of restaurants and active pursuits, these are some of the best.


Got 40 seconds? Let me take you on a few of my adventures….



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