Where to Swim in New York City

May 18, 2018

swim new york city

By TopView Sightseeing

If there’s one thing that doesn’t come to mind when you think about visiting New York City, it’s the swimming opportunities. Most people do not think about the beach scene when visiting New York and want something a little more exciting than a hotel swimming pool. There are plenty of swimming opportunities in the city – you just have to do a little digging. Here’s where to swim in New York City if you want to stick to the Manhattan locations.

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Chelsea Piers Fitness – 60 Chelsea Piers

For a prime indoor swimming experience right in the heart of “the city that never sleeps,” look no further than Chelsea Piers Fitness. The location is a sports complex complete with just about every fitness opportunity you can imagine from cycling and boxing to rock climbing and – of course – swimming. The hours vary by day, so check out the website for a complete list of hours here.

Manhattan Plaza Health Club – 482 W 43rd Street

For fun in the sun, check out Manhattan Plaza Health Club. It’s located right in the middle of the city and offers a swimming pool AND a sundeck for sunbathing. Who would have thought you could get this and more in New York City? You’ll feel like you’re on a tropical vacation in this heated atrium complete with tropical plants and lounge chairs. There are even classes and swim teams for doing something more organized.

When visiting NYC, you can incorporate a swimming pool into your travels. TopView hop on hop off tour buses offer stops near the above-mentioned locations, so you can conveniently walk from your double-decker bus tour to your swimming oasis. There are also plenty of beaches and pools to be enjoyed outside of the realm of Manhattan;  here are some of the best:

South Beach – Staten Island, NY

To get your beach on while you’re in NYC, there are actually plenty of options. One of those options is South Beach in the forgotten borough of Staten Island. Venturing to Staten Island may not be at the top of your NYC trip list but there’s something to be said for this little oasis in the corner of the city. The beach features the sand and water that you crave along with a boardwalk lined with a few shops and restaurants for your convenience. Don’t miss this location!

Coney Island Beach – Brooklyn, NY

Last but not least on the list of swimmable locations is the beach at Coney Island in Brooklyn. It’s a bit of a trek to get there, but once you arrive, you can sprawl out and enjoy the sun, sand, and water. Dip into the harbor to get a break from the hustle and bustle of the New York City streets. Coney Island transports you to a different world while you’re there. After the dip, enjoy a Nathan’s hot dog and people watch on a bench.

If you’re anything like us, swimming in NYC makes you a little nervous. You never really know where the water came from, what’s in it, or if you’re going to find the space you need without the crowds to really get in the zone when it comes to your sunbathing days. Never fear! NYC has the pools and beaches you could only dream of having in such a sprawling city – and there’s plenty of sunshine to go around as we head into our warmer months.

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