Girls Get “High” in Hawaii


The small round light turned green, the plane decreased speed to the point of hover (or so it seemed), and the bottom of the garage-like metal door began to creak its slow, ominous rise.  Strapped into my tandem jumpmaster as snuggly as I would allow without dinner and a movie, there was no turning back now.

Read Girls Get “High” in Hawaii in Travel Girl Magazine, October 1, 2013


  1. WOW! This gives a new meaning to “getting high.” You are one brave lady~
    Irene S. Levine recently posted…El Farallon: Baja’s finest seafood is just steps away from the shoreMy Profile

  2. We jumped (dove, dived?) in Australia last year. Really glad I tried it, and liked it enough, but don’t feel the strong need to do it again.
    The GypsyNesters recently posted…How Did a Buffalo Grow Wings?: The Origins of Some of America’s Favorite FoodsMy Profile

  3. Yeeeeehaawww! That looks too amazing not to try. I’m going to do it when my daughter is 18 or so and I can relax a little bit about dying early. I know the chance is so small, but come on… it’s still there. I notice as I age I’m getting less and less risky. But I think we reach a point where, around 60 or so we say, ahhh, what the heck? I’ve lived life. It’s going to be this, cancer, or a heart attack, what the heck. Let’s do this! You picked a great place to do it too – that whole northwest shore is pure amazing. I’m assuming you did this at Dillingham – right? Aloha! Thanks!
    Vern Lovic recently posted…Why Should You Move to Hawaii? Here’s 50 Reasons!My Profile

    • luggageandlipstick says:

      I know what you mean, Vern. I was always a daredevil — until my two kids were born, and then I had risk-aversion until they reached 18. It’s been good to let loose and do some exciting things again! If you’re going to skydive, I highly recommend someplace where the view will be amazing, like the north shore of Hawaii!

  4. I totally share that “The kids are launched” feeling that it would sad if I expired now, but not a tragedy. Having said that, I have no zero desire to jump out of an airplane although I’ve flown on some potentially dodgy airlines — without a parachute.
    Suzanne Fluhr recently posted…A Visit to Masada – Israel’s Alamo*?My Profile

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