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best florida beaches for couples

Best Beaches in Florida for Couples!

Known as ‘the Sunshine State,’ Florida’s beaches are arguably the most sought-after in the contiguous United States. The large land peninsula borders both the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, containing not only some of the best beaches in the southeast U.S. but also some of the best beaches in the United States as a […]

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which maldives island is the best

Which Maldives Island Is the Best? We Dare You to Choose Just One of These!

Widely considered one of the most beautiful island nations in the world, you’ve seen photos of Maldives’ highly photographed beaches. With decadent overwater bungalows cantilevered over shimmering aqua lagoons, stunning sugar-white sand beaches, and kaleidoscope sunsets dipping into the horizon, it’s no wonder the Maldives make it to the top of so many bucket lists. […]

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best caribbean islands

20 Best Caribbean Islands. #1 May Shock You!

Covering a wide swath of the area between the southern US and eastern Mexico, the Caribbean Islands offer a myriad of landscapes, activities, and price ranges.  From exotic turquoise beaches to lush, dense jungles and cactus-strewn deserts, activities ranging from snorkeling to hiking, rum-tasting, cigar-rolling, and historical exploration, there’s something for everyone, whether you are […]

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best greek islands for couples

Best Greek Beaches for Couples: 10 Islands You MUST Visit!

The Greek Islands… If there’s a more romantic destination, I haven’t found it yet. While there are allegedly thousands of Greek islands, the number of inhabited islands is said to be somewhere between 166 and 227, spread over the eastern Mediterranean Sea and grouped as thus: the Cyclades, the Ionian Islands, the Sporades, the Dodecanese, […]

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destination africa

Destination Africa: 10 Best Indian Ocean Islands

Pristine white-sand beaches lapped by stunning iridescent turquoise water, vibrant culture, unique wildlife, and friendly locals – this is what you’ll find in Destination Africa off the east coast in the Indian Ocean. Tourists who are doing a safari in nearby Tanzania, Kenya, or even South Africa should not leave the continent without taking a […]

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Aruba Travel Tips – Best Things to Do for a Fun-Crammed Vacation

As the four-wheel-drive jeep lunges forward along an unpaved road in the Arikok National Park, I have to laugh at my Caribbean experience. Aruba turned out to be a lot more than resort hotels lining white sandy beaches and lazy days lounging by the pool. My trip turned into two weeks filled with adventure, much […]

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mud buggy antigua

Antigua Mud Buggy Adventure: As Down and Dirty as It Gets!

Antigua is one fabulous Caribbean Island! With nearly endless sunshine, shimmering beaches, lush rainforests, towering volcanoes, rich culture and history, and the options for outdoor adventure are almost infinite. And I did them all! My favorite? I got very down and dirty in my Antigua mud buggy trek through the island! About Antigua With almost […]

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Things to Do in Ocho Rios: Weekend in Jamaica

Jamaica is the third-largest Caribbean island, and there are several areas to stay.  Depending on how much time you will be on the island, you might be able to leisurely visit many different cities and beaches, but or for a Jamaica weekend, you can find lots of fun things to do in Ocho Rios! This […]

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beaches of antigua

Are the Beaches of Antigua the Prettiest in the Caribbean? They Just Might Be.

Antigua boasts that it has 365 beaches – one for every day of the year. For a girl who’s happy place is the beach, the opportunity to scour the island from coast to coast to find the most beautiful beaches of Antigua was a dream come true. With nearly 100 miles of coastline, there is […]

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tourist places in west india

Here’s How to Visit Tourist Places in West India

Traveling in India can be daunting for even the savviest travelers.  Infrastructure is lacking, there are hordes of people to contend with, putrid-smelling trash everywhere, sanitary issues with food and water, and the traffic is pure bedlam beyond anything I’ve ever seen, anywhere in the world. The prospect of exploring tourist places in West India […]

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