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things to do in odessa ukraine

Things to Do in Odesa Ukraine That Will Amaze You!

Odesa Ukraine is a port city on the Black Sea, founded in 1794 (relatively young compared to Kiev or Lviv) by the Russian Empress Catherine the Great.  Its reputation as the summer capital of Ukraine draws in visitors who are eager to stroll around the city’s tree-lined “Old Town” taking in the pastel neoclassical architecture, […]

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Transnistria Tour: Clinging to the Iron Curtain for Dear Life

“They carry on as though they are part of the old USSR,” said Alex, our Moldovan guide from JayWay Travel. “Transnistria has repeatedly asked to join the Russian Federation.” Unrecognized by the United Nations or any other sovereign nation, Transnistrians could not care less. In spite of being one of the poorest places in Europe, […]

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Things to Do in Romania That Will Blow You Away! [UPDATED 2019]

Is Romania Europe’s prettiest city? It just might be.  Enchanting town plazas that date back to medieval times, rolling hills as far as the eye can see, castles cloaked in the mystery of Count Dracula, craggy mountain vistas, and a seemingly infinite array of fortresses and churches. There are so many places to see and […]

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Explore Moldova with JayWay Travel

Travel Planners Radio Show Internationally syndicated on GAB Radio Network – Kevin & Sue McCarthy Broadcast on 1590 WCGO on 7/29/17 If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten path destination, this is it.  Moldova is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania and Ukraine, which was once part of Russia’s communist empire.  Moldova is […]

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Visit Romania with JayWay Travel

Travel Planners Radio Show Internationally syndicated on the GAB Radio Network with Kevin & Sue McCarthy Broadcast on 1590 WCGO 7/29/17   Romania is a breathtakingly gorgeous country, full of vitality, natural beauty, festivals, great food, and very few lingering signs of the former communist takeover. Listen to these two short radio interviews and be prepared….you’ll […]

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