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things to do in ensenada mexico

Top Six Things to Do in Ensenada Mexico

As stories about Mexico’s safety continue to be targeted by U.S. media, one region defies the reporting and continues to emerge as a safe and versatile destination: Baja. Located in northern Baja, Ensenada is just a short drive from the California border and has everything desired for a vacation – rich culture, delicious food, friendly […]

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best margarita in the world

The Quest to Find the Best Margarita in the World

I’m on a mission. First, let me disclose right up front, when it comes to alcohol, I’m a lightweight.  I don’t drink very often, and when I do, it’s not very much. I have one weakness, though.  Margaritas. The margarita is a Mexican cocktail consisting of tequila mixed with lime juice and sometimes a bit […]

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