Best Cities to Visit in Switzerland

April 1, 2020

Switzerland tops as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The country has an exceptional amount of cultural diversity and beauty. Having four international languages spoken across the country, all people from across the globe are well represented. The country has many remarkable things to offer, including flower-lined nature paths, glorious mountain scenery, lakefront beauty, and some of the picturesque historical centers and villages. The alpine towns, lakeside resorts, bustling cities, and clamoring cities all make Switzerland a top location that you should visit during your tour to the country.

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Here are the 7 best cities to visit in Switzerland:

#1- Zurich

zurich switzerland

The Swiss largest city sits on the shores of Lake Zurich, and River Limmat accompanied by snow-capped mountains is lying on its horizon. The charming setting of the city makes it the perfect place to meet the culture and learn about traditions. Zurich is a vibrant city offering a balanced mixture of cultural, adventurous, and fun things to do. In my opinion, it is the best city for first-timers as it serves you a perfect mix of the old and new as well as a hip cultural and art scene that blends in every blissful feature of the historic city.

A trendy city is a perfect place for shopping, relaxing in fashionable cafes, and experiencing an explosive nightlife. With extraordinary shopping locals, beautiful vistas, and abundant measures of keepsakes, the city brims with intriguing aspects you’ll encounter while on a trip. Zurich won’t let you disappointed, quite contrary – you’re going to have a hard time saying goodbye. Wondering where to head after visiting majestic Zurich? There are plenty of exciting day trips from Zurich, so be sure to check it out before living the largest Swiss city.

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#2- Lucerne

best cities to visit in switzerland

Lucerne is a beautiful city that sits amidst the snow-capped mountains surrounding lake Lucerne. There are plenty of views that you can enjoy while in the area. The scenery is exceptional, and you can be sure that you’ll always have plenty of things to do, especially in the evening, as you can walk on the seashore as you admire the picturesque beauty of the region.

Lucerne (also called Luzern) has a medieval quarter, which adds to the charming feel. The winding lane weaving through the old town brings you to the banks of the river, which runs through the city’s center, and you can stroll beside the waterfront in the sun. The 14th-century chapel is a popular destination where you can learn more about the colorful history and culture of the region.

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#3- Basel

basel switzerland

Basel lies on the banks of the Rhine, and the location is perfect as its borders Germany and France, making it one of the most developed Swiss cities. Consequently, the city is known for its elegant old buildings, and there is a wealthy vibe surrounding the city.

When visiting, you can indulge yourself in learning about Swiss history by visiting the abundance of museums and art galleries. Basel features a beautiful mixture of old and new architecture, so if you’re into photography or architecture, you’ll fall in love at first sight. You can get a feel of everyday life of the residents by heading to Kleinbasel and enjoy dinner along the river banks.

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#4- Geneva

best cities to visit in switzerland

Geneva is the second-largest city in Switzerland, and it serves as a cosmopolitan place that radiates with a luxurious vibe, and it is among the best cities to visit in Switzerland. Home to various international organizations such as the World Bank and the UN, there are countless places that you can explore in the city. The city is situated along the shores of Lake Geneva, and it has a vast number of boutiques, restaurants and expensive hotels that the visitors can choose from and hang around the area.

You will find bars and night clubs with ambiance and energy that you require to give you the oomph that you need. This city is not just famous because of the international Red Cross, but other universal associations are located in Switzerland. Geneva is not just about business and compassion but also home to the abundance of parks and heaps of green space where you can take your time to relax and unwind.

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#5- Lugano

best cities to visit in switzerland

Set in an Italian speaking part of Switzerland, Lugano is one of the main cities that you should visit in the region. Lugano lies on the shores of Lake Lugano, and there are several mountains on the landscape surrounding the city, giving it a picturesque look and exceptional feel.

Along with the scenic setting, Lugano is a glitzy place to visit thanks to the high end and upmarket restaurants, bars, and boutiques present in the region. It features cobbled streets which snake away from the heart of the city to the waterfront giving you fantastic views of the lake.

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#6- St. Gallen

best cities to visit in switzerland

St. Gallen is a city that you should not miss while in Switzerland. The city has a history that will give you an insight into the ancient Swiss culture and art. The picturesque squares weave their way along the old part of the town as you stumble across the impressive towering cathedral.

The main attraction of this city is the baroque library that is located in the abbey, and it contains rare books that date back to medieval times.

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#7- Bern

best cities to visit in switzerland

Bern is the capital of Switzerland, and it is the dream place of every traveler who sets its foot in Switzerland. It is also one of the largest cities in Switzerland, and as you walk around the cobbled streets of the ancient Bern town, you will pass bell towers and fountains spread among the numerous old buildings. It will give you a unique historical vibe.

The place dates back to over five hundred years ago. The coherent architecture and design are part of what makes the town an exceptional and a perfect place to visit during your tour to Switzerland. There are over six kilometers covered with the galleries, and it gives the city preeminent feels. Bern is a perfect place where you can learn the history and get to know the ancient activities and traditions of local people.

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