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Igloo Cairns

Cairns Rentals: An Igloo on the Beach. Cool, Right?

This igloo on the beach will melt…..your heart. The unique curved structures – referred to as igloos, shells, or domes – are constructed in the most unlikely place, directly across from Trinity Beach in Australia’s tropical northeastern Queensland. “It looks like an igloo, but we call it a dome,” said Georgia.  Georgia and her husband […]

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baby boomer cairns australia

Cairns Attractions: 11 Sensational Activities for Baby Boomers [Updated 2020]

When you ask Baby Boomers for their travel Bucket List, a trip to Australia is always near the top.  There’s just something about the land down under that sparks wanderlust in us, and Cairns attractions are among the top of the list! Australia is not just a country, it’s an entire continent, so choosing a […]

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