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Igloo Cairns

Cairns Rentals: An Igloo on the Beach. Cool, Right?

This igloo on the beach will melt…..your heart. The unique curved structures – referred to as igloos, shells, or domes – are constructed in the most unlikely place, directly across from Trinity Beach in Australia’s tropical northeastern Queensland. “It looks like an igloo, but we call it a dome,” said Georgia.  Georgia and her husband […]

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baby boomer cairns australia

Cairns Attractions: 11 Sensational Activities for Baby Boomers

When you ask Baby Boomers for their travel Bucket List, a trip to Australia is always near the top.  There’s just something about the land down under that sparks wanderlust in us! Australia is not just a country, it’s an entire continent, so choosing a part of it to explore at one time is best.  […]

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