Cairns Rentals: An Igloo on the Beach. Cool, Right?

February 6, 2018

Igloo Cairns

This igloo on the beach will melt…..your heart.

The unique curved structures – referred to as igloos, shells, or domes – are constructed in the most unlikely place, directly across from Trinity Beach in Australia’s tropical northeastern Queensland.

“It looks like an igloo, but we call it a dome,” said Georgia.  Georgia and her husband Adam are the owners and hosts of the unique vacation rental property, known as Beach Dome #4.

cairns rentals

Photo by Kary Kern

They purchased the 1970’s home in July, 2016 and completely gutted it.  They replaced the old, worn carpet tiles with polished concrete floors for an updated look in the main living area, and installed designer black and white patterned tiles in the refurbished bathroom.

cairns rentals

Photo by Kary Kern

“Georgia did the interior design work; I just did the labor, like jackhammering the tiles,” laughed Adam.  “We hired contractors to do the kitchen and bathroom, but we both did the painting and that sort of work.  It was a big job, and we had many late nights, but we got there in the end.”

cairns rentals

Photo by Kary Kern

Indeed they did.  Georgia works from home as an interior decorator, and it shows.  The entire interior has a cheerful, relaxed, beachy feel to it, from the aqua-green color palate to the comfy furnishings and carefully selected themed accessories and artwork.

The Ultimate in Green Technology
trinity beach

Photo by Kary Kern

The igloos were the brainchild of Italian architect Dante Bini in 1965.  The domes are constructed by inflating a membrane which lifts steel reinforcement bars threaded through the middle and wet concrete into the desired shape by controlling the air pressure inside the membrane.  The “Binishells” may be the most eco-friendly building method ever invented because they use air to create their form.  The process is fundamentally green because of the highly efficient building casings created, which are also naturally strong and flexible. They are also affordable because they use less material and labor than traditional construction.  Read more about these Cairns rentals in Vacation Rental Travels.

trinity beach

Location of the igloo across from Trinity Beach.

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