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February 13, 2014

bend oregon

The city of Bend, in central Oregon, often called “the outdoor playground of the west,” is renowned for its summer pursuits like camping, hiking the mountains and buttes, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding on the lakes, and the myriad dog parks.  But Bend also offers a full palette of adventures and pastimes for winter fun.

Ride an Iditarod Dogsled

bend oregon

The highlight of a trip to Bend will be the Trail of Dreams dog sled tour through the towering, snow-frosted hemlock pines.  With Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top, and the Three Sisters mountain ranges hovering on the horizon, the exhilarating race through the chilly Deschutes National Forest is magical. The Alaskan Huskies, directed by the tour guide, Jerry Scdoris, bounds along the twists and turns with guests bundled under blankets inside the Iditarod sled.  Jerry does not use whips or “motivational” instruments of any kind – the dogs respond solely to his voice commands and his care and connection to his animals is inspiring.

Go snowshoeing

bend oregon

Taking a break from the snowshoeing to make a snow angel… and catch my breath.

Wanderlust Tours runs several snowshoeing tours which start out at the base of Mt. Bachelor.  Their tours are geared toward the skill level of the guests, from the slower pace of seniors to airborne jumps into high drifts of powdery snow more suitable for 20-something young men.  You can stop to make snow angels, have a mug of hot chocolate under the stars, or one tour even combines beer tasting with snowshoeing.  One thing in common for all groups is the stunning wooded scenery with the Cascade Mountains juxtaposed against the periwinkle blue sky.                           

Ski Mt. Bachelor

Part of the Cascade Mountain Range, Mt. Bachelor is the second largest single-mountain ski resort and the sixth largest of all ski resorts in the United States.  The resort is known for its powdery conditions, 10 working chairlifts and one old-school chairlift that is non-operational but has been left on the property for nostalgic value.  There are also 12 groomed trails for cross-country skiing.

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