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My Day as a Geisha Kyoto Japan

“No giggling allowed!” I said to Rebecca and Marie, head turned away to hide my own smirk. “We need the right attitude to pull this off.” Shuffling our feet an inch at a time, we painstakingly made our way towards the shrine looming at the end of the cobblestone street, less than a quarter of […]

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Unique Dishes in Japan

Are the unique dishes in Japan delicious….or horrible? Will the food have you clamoring for more…or send scampering to find one of Japan’s unique and weird toilets? Remember this jump rope song (okay, I know I’m dating myself!): “Apple on a stick. Makes me sick.” I have a better one:  Squid on a skewer. Put […]

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three days in kyoto

Kyoto Tour: 3-Day Girls’ Getaway

“Everyone is staring at us,” said Rebecca.  “That’s because you’re dressed like a Geisha!” I reminded her.  I have to admit, she did look stunning, even minus a Japanese heritage. Kyoto is awash in stunning sights, and with a pair of good walking shoes and a lot of energy and motivation, it’s possible to see […]

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Japan Itinerary: Hit the Highlights in 7 Days

Once impenetrable shogun castles now standing sentry to empty chambers… ancient shrines wafting incense across ethereal Buddha images… slick skyscrapers and neon lights that surpass even New York City’s Times Square… Geishas on their way to the shrine…Want a Japan itinerary that hits all of these and more? Bullet trains aside, seeing “the land of […]

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girls gone bored in osaka

Airport Boredom? Here’s How We Beat It!

This is why I love traveling with my peeps, Marie and Rebecca… On our recent trip to Japan, we were stuck in the Osaka railway station, waiting to be picked up by our guide, who was late and still stuck in rush hour traffic. After wasting an hour in a jam-packed restaurant, I suggested that […]

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