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adventures american travel writer

Freelance Travel Writer Perks and Adventures

Two-and-a-half years ago my life changed dramatically.  I decided two things – I had to do more international travel, and I had to find a way to fund it. Since writing was something that I’d always loved, it seemed reasonable that becoming a freelance travel writer could become my ticket to traveling the world.  I […]

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tahiti holidays

Tahiti Holidays: My VIP Pass to the High Life

International travel is my passion.  If there’s an adventure to be had, I want to go. This year, I spent Easter in Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia, known for its swaying coconut-palmed beaches, fragrant tiare blossoms, and towering volcanic peaks. I stayed at the best resort on the island where I lounged on […]

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skydiving hawaii

Skydiving Hawaii: The Glicken (updated 2020)

The small round light turned from red to green, the plane decreased speed to the point of hover (or so it seemed), and the bottom of the large side door began its slow, creaky, ominous rise.  Strapped into handsome jumpmaster as snuggly as I would allow without a marriage proposal, there was no turning back […]

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La Paz

Things to Do in La Paz Mexico: My Wild Birthday Bash! [updated 2020]

When you get to a certain age, the idea of blowing out candles jammed into a cake laden with thick, sickeningly-sweet wallpaper paste-like frosting is no longer appealing. So when I was offered the opportunity to spend my birthday in a beautiful part of Mexico, I didn’t have to think twice because I knew there […]

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