Videos of China Landmarks and Street Markets

June 1, 2017

Three Gorges china

China Landmarks and Highlights

China landmarks, 5,000 years of history and culture, the discoveries of tea, silk, papermaking, printing, the compass, and gunpowder, Confucianism, through dynastic rule, and on to Communism, Chinese culture has made an impact on the world. The last few decades have seen not just an increase in tourism abroad, but with its own citizens as the middle class continues to see economic growth.

Here’s how to get your visa for China for Americans.

Street Markets in China

I adore street markets, and have safely sampled the food all over the world.   In fact, it lights my hair on fire when people say they refuse to try street food. Eating street food is synonymous with absorbing the culture. It’s my comfort food away from home. There are, of course, some true-and-tried rules to follow, which I will reveal later on.

China is legendary for its culturally-vibrant open-air markets with offerings that run the gamut from sinfully sweet, temptingly savory, nose-running spicy, to downright bizarre. Here are my market adventures.


China highlights

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