Glamping For Baby Boomers

April 23, 2018

glamping baby boomers

By Tadej Kožar

Most Baby Boomers like adventure but their days of roughing it are long behind. Instead of roughing it, the first thing that we do when things get difficult is to look for an easier way.

When it comes to outdoor adventures our forefathers did it the hard way. They would head into the woods with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Once they find a suitable place to pitch camp, they would use the available materials to build a shelter and hunt for their food in the woods.

But we are not our forefathers. We are baby boomers and we’ve earned the right to a little luxury. We are used to some comfort and even when we are out there enjoying nature, we expect to do it in style.

A tent and a sleeping bed is not our idea of comfort. Here we are talking about a king-size bed, hot shower and proper meals prepared by a proper chef. This is what is called glamorous camping or glamping as most people call it.

In this article, we will talk about the trends in glamping for baby boomers as well as the products of comfort for such campers and the places to visit if you want nothing but the best glamping experience.

The Trends in Glamping for Baby Boomers

People love nature and they are always looking for ways to interact with it. It has been found that spending some time outdoors will help you relax and eliminate stress in your life and that is why more and more people and fueling their cars and heading to the nearest park or campsite that they can get to.

However, spending some time in nature is not as easy as most people imagine it to be as you are away from the comfort of your home and some of the luxuries that you are used to. It is particularly challenging if you will be spending the night outdoors as you have to find a suitable shelter and a comfortable surface to lie on.

When camping, the hard ground has always been the surface that campers lie on but that has been changing with this generation of baby boomers. The hard surface can be quite uncomfortable with stones and thorns pricking you. People now want the same levels of comfort just as it is provided in 5-star hotels and this is what gave rise to the idea of glamorous camping or glamping for baby boomers.

The trends in glamping include:

  • Large and comfortable beds for sleeping
  • Warm duvets to keep you warm at night
  • Electricity to power up your various devices and for entertainment
  • A camping butler
  • Gourmet meals
  • Meals served using silverware
  • Adventure hikes with tour guides
  • Furniture like tables and chairs for added comfort

You will realize that the trends and products named above are not for your everyday boy-scout camping trip. These are things that you will experience in a high-end resort and that is what most people want when they are out there enjoying nature. Of course, all these added features cost money so you should be prepared to pay up a little more if a glammed-up experience is what you are looking for.

Let’s now take a look at some of the places where you can visit for a glamorous camping experience.

The Places to visit for a Glamorous Camping Experience

Visit any of these places if you want to have an amazing experience out in the wild.

1. The Resort at Paws in Montana

The Resort at Paws in Montana is one of the best places that you can visit if you want to enjoy nature while at the same time keep yourself comfortable and entertained while doing it. With a large bed and comfy duvets for keeping you warm at night, you will be able to enjoy your night after spending your day outdoors in nature.

It has an en-suite bathroom that we provide you will all the privacy that you need when taking a shower. The rooms also feature wooden floorings and this will ensure that your feet don’t get cold at night.

The place has electricity and the provision of a cooling fan and a heater for your room temperature needs.

2. Sinya on Lone Man Creek, Texas

This is another paradise for campers looking for the ultimate glamping experience. Located on top of a ridge by the Lone Man Creek, this resort has all the comfort features that you expect when you are out there camping.

It has an en-suite bathroom that will make sure that you don’t expose yourself to strangers when taking a shower. You will also appreciate the bathtub within the bathroom that you can soak in after a tiring day in the woods.

You also get your own kitchen that you can use to cook all your favorite meals when you are out there. There is also a unique cooling and heating system that will ensure you don’t get too hot or too cold in your room.

The view from the rooms is amazing as well as you get to see the amazing vegetation at the creek.

3. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in British Columbia is another amazing destination for glamour campers. With deluxe tents built on raised platforms, this resort offers you a cool and comfortable place to relax after spending some time outdoors.

The beds are large and you will also appreciate the warm duvets that will keep you warm all night long. There is hot water in the shower and the provision of electricity to power your gadgets.

Glamping for Baby Boomers Conclusion

Most people expect to be comfortable when there are out there camping and this article on glamping for baby boomers highlights some of the features of glamorous camping. Read it to understand the trends and products of this form of camping.

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About the Author (Tadej Kožar):

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    Jessica Reply September 12, 2018 at 10:27 am

    Hi Patti,
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