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10 Things to Do in Albania That Will Blow You Away

What if I told you there is a county where medieval castles stand perched on mountaintops overlooking the red-tiled rooftops of villages below; where iridescent turquoise waves lap onto sugar-sand beaches; where picturesque rows and rows of juicy grapes are producing some of the region’s finest wines; where the gastronomy is so fresh and delicious […]

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Albanian Riviera

Ksamil Albania and the Amazing Albanian Riviera [updated 2020]

When I set off for the southern coast of Albania with JayWay Travel, my friends were more than a little skeptical. Known for scouring the earth in search of the best beaches, they didn’t see the lure. To be honest, besides it being an off-the-beaten-path destination, I wasn’t sure what to expect myself in Ksamil Albania or the […]

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